Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Heart Autumn!!

Well, first some good news: I finally found a job at Bank of America! Whoo Hoo!
Then the bad news: It doesn't start for another week, and is only part time. So I still have to kick it at home all day until then. Boo

So once again, to keep me from going insane indoors, Shad and I visited another park. This one is just located behind our apartment complex, we could literally walk there (even though we didn't! hehe). It was a perfect day outside, because Autumn has finally reached Eastern Washington, and it was BEAUTIFUL. It was windy and chilly, but sunny. Fall is my absolutely favorite, so it was heaven. I'm happy that we live is such a pretty place. Here are some pictures from our night out together: 

Shad looking at the BIG trees, carrying a school book (as usual)

The park waterfall

We saw bunnies!! There where like five of them, and they let us get really close.

And we stopped for ice cream after the park, and drove to the temple. (These pictures are a little blurry) It's a pretty temple, tiny, but very pretty. We feel lucky to have a temple close to us. 


Unknown said...

Brooks and I went to that park a few weeks ago. Did you see the turtles by the waterfall? We also went to Riverside Park when we first got to Spokane. I love all the parks here! Hey, someone started a blog for Gonzaga moms and wives. People post random things they are doing on the blog and invite others to come along. Since you are working part time, you might have time to come to some of them. I could always use an extra adult to help with my boys! The address is - If I had your email address, I could send you an invite to be an author/contributor. Hope you check it out.

Annette Larsen said...

*sigh* I love waterfalls, they are just so pretty. Those bunnies are fabulous, I tell ya, it's been a looong time since I saw any bunnies.

Jarom and Heidi Taylor said...

You two seriously are so cute, i love all the cute things you do together, and it is so pretty up there. And CONGRATS on the job! Keep us posted. ALso... I love the fall too i love sweater weather but not coat weather.

the S family said...

That is a pretty temple! I am so jealous that everyone keeps talking about fall. It was rainy yesterday, but there are no pretty colors. It makes me homesick, but I will love texas when it is 70 degrees in January, I just have to keep telling myself that... Congrats on the bank job. I loved working at a bank because you are always home at night, get every sunday off, and every holiday! Let me know how it goes!