Thursday, July 29, 2010

Priest Lake, Take Two

Last year about this time Shad and I ventured over to Priest Lake, ID. Its absolutely beautiful up there. Last year we were lucky enough to score a free condo for the weekend for our anniversary. So we were able to spend lots of time exploring the area, hiking, swimming, etc. However, this year we were not so lucky... we just went up there for a day trip. Its just under two hours from our house, not too bad for a little day trip. Plus it happened to be the same weekend as last year that we went, maybe this will become an anniversary tradition?? 4 years of martial bliss already!! Wow. Anyway, we drove up in the morning, packed a lunch and snacks, and had all sorts of beach fun. Our good friends the Fischers came along with us, which made it even better! They also celebrated their anniversary that weekend too! I'm pretty sure Shad and his friend Forrest stayed in the water almost the entire time we were there. He had a blast. We tried to get Owen to go in the water, but he was too scared of it and freaked out anytime we brought him close to it. Even I went in and swam a bit. This lake is seriously so clean and beautiful. One of our favorite places around here, we sure love the northwest.

The View, so clear, you feel so secluded up there:

Owen lookin' pretty stylish in his shades, chillin' on the beach:

Shad isn't going to like that I posted this picture, but I think its cute (you can't tell, but Owen is crying in this picture, he didn't like the water):

Taking a brief snooze:

He's pretty handsome:

More views, this is from the car:


F said...

that water looks AMAZING! so much fun!

Courtney said...

That water is beautiful!! The only water around here that is that clear is in the pools. Our lakes are MUDDY. Cute pictures!

Unknown said...

Great new site! love the pics as always!

Nathan and Whitney said...

What a fun place! The water really does look clean and beautiful. And Happy 4th Anniversary!! Wow, time really flies, doesn't it?

Kirsten said...

oooh the lake looks so beautiful!! The lake here is disgusting. So sad that little Owen was scared of the water :(

Anonymous said...

That water looks like somewhere tropical! (although maybe not as warm?) BEAUTIFUL! And obviously Owen is super adorable. My mom will be happy to know her kiddie pool is still winning over the lake.