Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"The Easter Bunny Came to Owen"

All day Sunday this is what came out of Owen's mouth: "The Easter Bunny came to Owen!" He would repeat with enthusiasm! No doubt he was very spoiled all weekend long with family, friends, candy, and a very generous Easter basket from the Easter Bunny (aka grandma!). This was the first year that Shad and I did anything fun for him for Easter, because this is the first year that he could really appreciate it. I think we had just as much fun watching Owen, as he did participating. Why is it so fun to spoil kids!? :)

Saturday was a PERFECT clear, warm day outside. Perfect for hiding eggs. We invited Harrison and Mason over for an egg hunt... and boy did they have fun. The neighborhood also hosts an egg hunt, divided into age groups, but the crowds and fight for eggs really bothers me... and I think we had just as much fun doing it here at the house.

Owen and Harrison ready to scout out eggs!

Owen really didn't get it at first, but eventually caught on.

Luckily, Owen isn't crazy about all types of candy. Mainly because he never eats it. He LOVES M&Ms, and has now been introduced to jelly beans. But for the most part, he can pass up all other Easter candy. He was more interested in the toys on Easter than the candy.

Grandma even hid a surprise gift for each of the boys in the yard. (That trumped the eggs and candy by far!) Here you can see Owen's 'Talking Mater' from Grandma in his basket.
This was the best smile I got out of him!! So funny...

Here is Owen's Easter loot on Sunday morning... lucky boy.
Checking out the goods from the Easter Bunny:
As you can tell by the Thomas jammies, puzzle, and trains; Owen is VERY into Thomas and Friends!
Unfortunately, due to a bit of a family emergency, we didn't make it to church on Sunday, so I don't have any good family/Owen pictures of him all dressed up in his best. But there is always next year!

Although Nathan didn't really participate in any of the Easter fun... I couldn't complete a blog post without some cute pictures of my little guy. He's been such a smiley baby lately!!

He is such a little chunk compared to Owen... and I LOVE all those baby rolls!

I hope the Easter Bunny was just as good to you as he was to us!!


Rosalie said...

Wow! I guess you spoiled Owen! Well the first year is always fun to spoil them because they are soooo cute! He love Thomas a lot doesn't he? We ought to Skype soon! I miss you all and wish the family retreat will come soon....I know it will come soon enough....but I can hardly wait!!

F said...

ah! look at that nathan man! so cute.

J'Nette said...

ohh man your boys are adorable. That little nathan, ohh my goodness is he ever beautiful! those pictures are fantastic! We've got thomas the train jammies over here. He NEEDS them every night...even when it's 80 degrees outside, hah.

Kambria said...

Aw how fun! Love the photos :) Nathan is so cute I just want to kiss his little cheeks!