Thursday, May 3, 2012

3 Months Old... Really?!

My sweet little baby boy turned THREE months old, or 13 weeks on Sunday, April 29th. HOLY COW. I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly. 

I remember wanting Owen to turn 3 months faster so he could come out of the whole "newborn" stage sooner. (I had a really hard time adjusting to a newborn) With Nathan, I find myself wanted to freeze each day and stop him for getting any older. I cannot believe how much they change and grow those first few weeks/months. 

He is perfect. He is just such a sweet boy. Even though he looks so much like Owen, he could not be more different. He is a totally different baby than Owen was. First off, he's huge! Compared to my little peanut 5th percentile Owen, Nathan is holding steady at the 90th!! His demeanor is totally different and so much calmer. I'm not sure if he is just an easier baby than Owen... or if it really is true that once you have one baby the second one is so much easier. Maybe a little bit of both? 

 Nathan at 3 months:
-Being Swaddled
-His Pacifier
-Big Brother Owen (Nathan's face lights up whenever Owen enters the room!)
-Mommy and Daddy
-His Swing
-Snuggle Time/Being Held
-Holding onto blankets
-People/Attention (He's pretty social, and loves to smile at people. He'll charm the pants off anyone he meets!)
-Being Talked/Sang to

Doesn't Like: 
-Being Tired
-Diaper Changes
-Getting Dressed
-Being Alone
-Car Seat/Stroller
-Car Rides
-Tummy Time

Dear Nathan, 

You are 3 months old! Already I am cursing time for flying by so quickly. If only each new stage could last just a little longer!

I was so scared to become a mother of two and expand our little family. I was afraid I wouldn't have it in me to be a good mother to two little boys. How could I love TWO babies this much?! But you just fit right in perfectly! Now that you are here it is hard to imagine our family without you! You make our family feel more complete. And somehow I love you just as much and my heart hasn't exploded! 

You are just the sweetest little baby. I know that all newborns are sweet. But it just seems in your nature to be a sweet, loving little boy. You love to smile and charm people. You love attention from anyone willing to give it. Your sweet smile can melt just about anyone. Your mommy and daddy, brother, grandma and grandpa have all falling completely in love with you! It's just impossible to resist your sweet charm. 

Luckily, you seem to be easy going. Something you inherited from your daddy! You don't mind changes in your schedule or routine. And, lucky for mommy, you have seemed to put yourself on your own nap and sleep schedule. You don't mind sitting back and watching all that is going on around you. And even though your brother pokes, prods, hits, kicks, and all around isn't very "gentle" with you... you never seem to mind! You like being included in the chaos that is the 2 year old big brother! 

I'm so excited to watch you grow and learn. This is just the beginning of our journey together. I love you more than you will ever know. I am so grateful for the privilege to be your mother. 

I love you, 

On a side note, now that my baby is 3 months, we can talk about work. Yup, that's right, WORK. So technically, I am still employed at Old Navy. I tried to quit when Shad got his job, and right before I had Nathan. But they wouldn't let me... and pretty much told me I can work once every 120 days to stay "active" in the system and keep my discount! Um... SURE! I'll take it! So I went in and talked to them the other day, planning on quitting (Again) and they are still willing to let me work a 4 hour shift one Saturday a month! Whoo hoo! (I work for the discount... let's be honest.) And if I want to work more (pick my hours/days) and earn some extra cash they are totally on board. I get a discount at all Old Navys, Gaps, and Banana Republics. :) Am I crazy to keep this job? I'm not sure what I did for them to like me so much! 


Ben and Carrie said...

He really is too sweet. And growing too fast. You're doing a great job at being a Mommy to two! Now only if you could slow down time you'd be doing even better! :) What a sweet, sweet boy. Glad he is such a happy little guy and so healthy, too.

And really, what newborn likes tummy time? :)

Cara said...

Such a handsome little man! I absolutely love his smile. He makes me happy every time I see him!

Rosalie said...

The pictures are precious and so are your comments! I am so glad he is a calm baby for you! He is so precious and I can hardly wait to hold him again!
How fun to have a place like you so much they want you to stay even if it is once a month! :}

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