Thursday, August 30, 2012

Owen's 'Froggy'

Remember this, just about 2 years ago... (also seen in this post)??? 

So sweet!


 Froggy looks so new and shiny in these pictures.

Owen has this Froggy... and he LOVES "Froggy" with all his heart. Seriously.

 Here is Froggy, today. A little bit ratty, and worse for the wear, but still loveable! This picture really doesn't do it justice, it's much worse in person! 

Froggy has been THROUGH everything. He is there for every nap time, bedtime, road trip, move, being sick, story time, snuggle time ...etc. He has been with us to the park, the store, the mall, the doctor, church, new friends houses, and family's houses.

Froggy has been hugged, kissed, sat on, sucked on, rolled on, thrown up on (yup, ew!), spilled on, slobbered, squeezed, thrown, twisted, washed (a few times),  and extrememly LOVED! :)

 Yup... Froggy even sits on the potty with Owen! 

 Owen has mastered the "One arm hold" on Froggy and can do most tasks with Froggy still in tow. Each morning when Owen wakes up Froggy does not leave his side until a good half hour or more later. That is also true for naps.  

Look at that sweet sleepy boy!

A little boy with his froggy... Pure bliss!

 It just melts my heart that Owen loves this frog still to this day so much. I wonder if Nathan will have something he loves so much?? Its just too cute!

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That's really sweet :)