Wednesday, November 21, 2012

{Thankful} Photo Friday

This week I am very Thankful for my health, and more importantly my two very healthy, happy little boys. 

Let me preface this by saying, it has been a ROUGH week. Physically, emotionally, mentally just rough and exhausting. The boys really tried my patience over and over again. (Especially the 2 year old!) He even went so far as to lock me and Nathan out of the house this week... Ahhh!! (One angry momma!) They even dragged me down to tears, and I resorted to locking myself away in the bathroom! It was just one of those weeks. Which I'm sure every mother knows all too well. 

However, many, many things happened within our family this week... my brother in law returned safely from a 9 month deployment in Qatar to his wife and 2 beautiful kids. My other brother in law's girlfriend gave birth to my newest healthy, sweet nephew! And then on the other hand we had a bit of tragedy strike our family. One of Shad's sweet sisters who has desperately been wanting a baby lost her precious son at just 20 weeks. Giving birth to her 2nd stillborn in 14 months. We were (are) completely heartbroken. As a family we all mourned the loss of our sweet nephew. But it certainly gave me some much need perspective. My children may make me crazy some days... most days! But they are the sweetest, most innocent, gifts from my Heavenly Father. He has entrusted me with them. I have been given the privilege to be their mother. And to top it off, they are perfectly healthy, rambunctious, and loving little boys. I am so blessed! I am so beyond grateful to my father in heaven for my precious, HEALTHY little men. They are my world. 

In addition, I am also very grateful for my health. I am been very blessed with good health. I have been able to bear children without complications, and continue to be healthy and happy. I mean it is something I take for granted DAILY... and I can certainly be better about treating my body like a temple. How often do we really thank God for our arms and legs, and our healthy minds and bodies?! Not often enough! 

I have so much to be grateful for! I love giving gratitude to others and mostly to my Heavenly Father for all he has blessed me with. Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope yours is full of love and gratitude as well! 

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Rosalie said...

This made me cry all over again, but I am grateful that you recorded all of our feelings. I am glad you can see what to be grateful for. Not everyone does when tragedy strikes. I am so grateful for my whole family and all that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I love you and Shad and the little ones!