Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family Pictures 2013

I love having talented friends!

I have been wanting some family pictures for a long, long time now. So when my dear friend, Kjirstin, said she was coming to town to stay with us for a couple days... I jumped on the chance to have her take our pics! She is a more hobby-type photographer like me, but having seen some of her previous work, I was excited to have her take our pics. 

It was a cold, rainy, and BUSY day! We had just a half hour right after to church to get three kids, THREE and under, to smile and be in a good mood for pictures. At nap time I might add. It was a tough job, but Kjistin made it happen! We are so grateful! 

Here are a few of our favorites: 

Its not a McOmber Family Photo Shoot without a little silliness! 

We love them! 


F said...

I love them! What a cute family you have :)

LindseyLu said...

Krysta, all of your pictures are wonderful. You have such a beautiful family. The matching sweaters for all of the men in your life is just too cute!

Marilyn said...

They turned out wonderful!! i'm amazed at your perfect children all looking at the camera and smiling :)

Melissa said...

Cute! Your family is beautiful! I'm impressed you got that many good ones in just a half an hour. Pictures with young children isn't easy!

Rosalie said...

I love all of them. They were good for her....and adorable as usual! It is so fun to see them....however it makes me miss all of you more!

Camille said...

Super Cute! You had an adorable little family.