Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our Simple Halloween

Man, my kids are cute! Are they NOT the cutest Thomas, Monkey, and Lady Bug around!?!

I am not big into Halloween. I don't really decorate my house for it. I don't throw Halloween parties, or get dressed up myself. We go to the Pumpkin Patch, and do our annual pumpkin carving... and that's about it. :)

But I do love Fall. And I love having an excuse to have fun and get excited with my littles. And dressing up and taking them trick or treating is so much fun. To see their excited reaction and faces to free candy is priceless. And oh so cute!

On Wednesday, the day before Halloween, Owen was invited to a Halloween party from a little boy at church. His friend Austin. Owen absolutely LOVES Austin. He really gets excited at the prospect of seeing or playing with Austin. So when Owen received his adorable invitation to his Halloween party, he could hardly contain his excitement! He kept asking me "How many days until Austin's party!?" and "Is it Wednesday Yet??" Austin's mom did a great job and throwing a very cute party for a bunch of 3 and 4 yr olds! They decorated cookies, made monsters, colored pages, and played games! Owen was really hesitant at first about me leaving him alone at the party, but I knew once the fun started he would be just fine! Look at those smiles! I think they had a good time! :)

Austin & Owen:

Here they are ready to go out. We had to wait for Daddy to get home from work, which was PURE torture! :) They were so antsy to leave! Luckily Daddy made it home pretty early and we were out by 6:30! 

Cutie little Monkey! And Monkey faces!

This is them saying "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!" 

Isn't she just so beautiful?! I love this little bug! 

Luckily, my kids are still really small. And easy to please. Owen was Thomas last year, and was absolutely SET on being Thomas again this year. (Sure! Done!) And Nathan just used Owen's old Monkey Costume from two years ago, again easy! Another advantage to small kids: just a few houses in and they are ready to call it a night! Plus they certainly do NOT need all that candy for themselves! We went to about 5-10 house on our street, hit a couple houses in our Ward and Owen was ready to come home. :) A few pieces of chocolate, and a quick change into jammies and all kids were in bed by bedtime! Owen did mention a few times that He "likes Trick or Treating... I mean I LOVE Trick or Treating!"

The one picture I got of them actually Trick or Treating tonight. Silly faces! 

Owen had no fear going up to houses and asking for candy. He willing put his own hand in strangers buckets and got his own candy! He helped himself... a little too much! Nathan was a little more reserved, but still did better than I expected. He hated the anticipation, he was say "I'm scared" after we'd knock on the door, but as soon it opened and he saw candy he'd race up with a smile. Both boys were very good at saying "Happy Halloween! and THANK YOU!" And Baby Kaisa was just my sweet little Bug and loved being pushed around in her stroller, all snug as a bug! Love that sweet, easy-going baby girl!

These I actually took on Sunday, when we were trying on her costume! 

We keep it simple around here when it comes to Halloween.

I'm a lucky mom!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween too!


Camille said...

Halloween is so much fun! I'm so glad Owen could come to Austin's party. Cute kids- Cute costumes!

Rosalie said...

These costumes were adorable just like the little ones in them are soooo adorable! It is so fun to read your posts! Thank you for sharing!!!