Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Spokane Arena

Wow...  I have been such a blog slacker lately... Shad and I have done some fun stuff lately! Most recently we have just returned from Utah for SPRING BREAK! Whoo hoo! But those pictures are yet to come! :) First, for two Saturdays in a row Shad and I scored FREE tickets to two major events at our local Spokane Arena! Yes, two Saturday Date nights on the house!?! We'll take it, we never go out together, so it was a much deserved couple nights out together. Here are the 2 events: 

Event One: MONSTER JAM '09!
That's right ladies and gentlemen, bust out your mullets, beer mugs, and tire shaped ear plugs... because Shad and I went to Monster Jam! My work had these free box seats to Monster Jam, and were trying to give them out to everyone. With me being the youngest worker there by far, amongst all women, we were not exactly fighting over the tickets! So the sooner the date came, my boss took me aside and told me the take Shad with free parking, and PLEASE take the tickets. I conceded. Shad and I being a little bit skeptical about the event, but hey, it was free, actually found it WAY fun! And were able to watch it in style, up in a "luxury" suite, equipped with private potty!  It was loud, crazy, and completely family friendly. Perhaps the coolest part was when they busted out the motocross and did all these CRAZY tricks and jumps! AWESOME!  

Apparently, this is the sport event of the season here in Spokane! With some loyal fans. We were given, again free, ticket vouchers to any Spokane Chiefs hockey game we wanted, back in December. With the season coming to a close Shad and I decided to use them during a local rivalry game. And oh man, it was AWESOME! It was totally sold out, and so fun! My dad is a HUGE hockey fan, it was really the only sport he ever watched, and the only sport I grew up watching and really understood until I was in high school. Shad went to the ticket office early, because we heard the game might be sold out, and we lucked out, the people in front of him had just given up fourth row seats!! So Shad and I were right in the sweaty, glass-smacking action! Unfortunately, our reigning Memorial Cup champs lost, pretty good. But by the 3rd period, they were completely riled up, and got into some hard core fights.  I'm talking 5 on 5, punching out the refs! I think total there were about 3 or 4 BIG brawls and players were getting kicked out of the game left and right. It was so fun! We are definitely going again! It was hard to get some good pictures, because we were so close, and people's heads got in the way.

This was just after the fight had ended, notice all the gloves, equipment, and goalie (!) on the ice!
Throwing a few punches!