Thursday, August 30, 2012

Owen's 'Froggy'

Remember this, just about 2 years ago... (also seen in this post)??? 

So sweet!


 Froggy looks so new and shiny in these pictures.

Owen has this Froggy... and he LOVES "Froggy" with all his heart. Seriously.

 Here is Froggy, today. A little bit ratty, and worse for the wear, but still loveable! This picture really doesn't do it justice, it's much worse in person! 

Froggy has been THROUGH everything. He is there for every nap time, bedtime, road trip, move, being sick, story time, snuggle time ...etc. He has been with us to the park, the store, the mall, the doctor, church, new friends houses, and family's houses.

Froggy has been hugged, kissed, sat on, sucked on, rolled on, thrown up on (yup, ew!), spilled on, slobbered, squeezed, thrown, twisted, washed (a few times),  and extrememly LOVED! :)

 Yup... Froggy even sits on the potty with Owen! 

 Owen has mastered the "One arm hold" on Froggy and can do most tasks with Froggy still in tow. Each morning when Owen wakes up Froggy does not leave his side until a good half hour or more later. That is also true for naps.  

Look at that sweet sleepy boy!

A little boy with his froggy... Pure bliss!

 It just melts my heart that Owen loves this frog still to this day so much. I wonder if Nathan will have something he loves so much?? Its just too cute!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump

You all know those moments when you don't have your camera around for a quick photo opp... but you ALWAYS seem to have your phone handy! :) I finally uploaded some of Shad's iPhone photos because I have been wanting to do some blog posts of things we've been up too this summer, and some of our summer celebrations (anniversary, birthday, etc.), which have all been on his phone. So instead of doing many small entries here is a photo BINGE of everything we've been doing this summer, via iPhone! 

(We also have TONS of videos that we need to get uploaded as well! For some reason our video camera is ALWAYS out of battery! Haha! But that perhaps is another post for another day.)

 At Ikea shopping for a "Big Boy Bed," this is when we knew he was ready! :)


Shad loves to take Owen for walks, especially after a long day at work and these nice summer evenings. Owen, of course LOVES it, and always finds a tractor to explore! (We have construction/new homes going up behind our house)

Trying on Daddy's Shoes.

Zonked out on our way down to Utah! 

 And... after hiking up Timp Caves down in Utah! (Along with Cousin Julia!)

Shad and his law firm are SUPER geared up for this upcoming Presidential Election, and are really involved in the Romney campaign. This was at one their events here in Seattle, this is Micheal Medved... a local radio/TV celeb.  (Remember to go out and vote Romney 2012!)

Shad took Owen out shopping, just the two of them. And Owen liked the baseball aisle... like father, like son I guess!

 Okay... this next one is not a phone picture... but it goes with the next few! On July 15th, Shad and I celebrated our 6 Year Anniversary of Marital Bliss!! This was us on our actual day. I love him... I really LOVE him! In some ways I cannot believe it's been 6 years, wow! But thinking about 2 BA degrees from BYU, 1 Law School degree, Moving/living in 3 different cities, and 2 kids later... Yup, 6  years sounds about right!

 To celebrate, Shad completely spoiled me with brand new camera equipment (Camera bag, travel tripod, memory card holder, etc.)! And a night out together at the Melting Pot! Yum!

 We opted for the delicious 4 course meal. So fun... you get to cook your own meats in the fondue pot!

 But nothing beats DARK chocolate fondue for dessert! Mmmm...

 Shad was watching the kids and was busy feeding Nathan... Owen was freaking out behind the couch saying he was stuck. Finally when Shad got to him... this is what he found: Owen's arm stuck in the blinds' string. Haha! Look at the guilty face!

 Lining up his cars all in a row!

The boys' FIRST bath together. Too cute. 

 Owen has an iPhone and iPad obsession/addiction. He loves to color on it, so we have MANY of these color creations that he takes pictures of and saves on both the ipad and iphone. Hilarious. (Its THOMAS of course!)

 Silly grumpy Nathan!

Shad's new office (they recently moved floors), Fancy!

AND... Shad's awesome office view. Why, yes, that IS Mt. Rainier!

On August 2nd, I celebrated my 27th Birthday! I'm so lucky to have such good friends and family who thought of me on my birthday! It was a good day. My dear friend took me out to lunch with the boys. Shad came home with flowers, and my mom babysat while Shad and I went out to dinner and a movie! Shad took me to Bajios... probably my favorite place EVER. These were my delicious Nachos... A-MAZING!

Ice cream date with Momma! (This one is from my non-iphone)

 Nathan sitting in a restaurant high chair for the first time at Red Robin! All smiles!

Owen is teaching Nathan the iPad obsession. 

And finally... Pictures of Owen's first Mariner's Game on July 30th! We didn't want to take the BIG camera with us, so we got these gems with Shad's phone.

I loved this one... they are giving me the SAME face/eyes!

Owen LOVED the food aspect of the M's game... I mean really, who doesn't love ball park food!? 
It was so sweet to capture and witness those father/son moments together. Shad loves baseball (and sports) and I hope that is something he can share in common with his boys!

It was LDS night at Safeco field... so we got discounted tickets, got to sit with many ward members and friends, plus our Ward/Group was featured on the big screen multiple times! And to top it off we got Free T-shirts (seen below)! It was definitely a fun night out with our little Owen. He loved it!

So there you have it! A few of our summer snippets and what's been going down in the McOmber home!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday

A Friday tradition- a single photo from the week, a single sweet moment. A moment to savor, cherish, and remember.

Nothin' says summer like a soak in the kiddie pool!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday Mt. Rainier Outing

Shad, the boys, and I took a somewhat impromptu road trip to Mt. Rainier on Saturday. We had sort of been planning on going all week, but then we stayed out WAY too late on Friday night (Date night seeing the new Bourne movie!) and got a late, late start on Saturday. After going back and forth on the idea, we FINALLY decided that it was perfect weather and timing, so it was now or never. I absolutely LOVE going to that mountain, it is definitely one of my favorite places. Plus Owen has been asking to go up the mountain for a while.

So we packed up a picnic and the boys and set out on our way! We decided on the Paradise side, because Shad had never been and it seemed like the better drive. It was certainly a long drive, I don't remember it being that long! (Maybe because I've never driven it with two little antsy peanuts in the back!) Plus, it was crowded! Everyone had the same idea to take their family up the mountain.

Overall, it was a fun little family trip, with a few bumps along the way! But, anytime we get to all spend time together, its a good time! We first stopped at Cougar Rock to have a little picnic. 


Then we decided to try and hike the Carter/Madcap Falls trial. It seemed like a good idea, only 1.1 miles and a destination to one of Owen's favorite things: a waterfall!! Well... we made it about halfway. Owen was WAY too tired and a little cranky from not having a nap. And 90% of the hike was steep uphill. Not exactly easy when you have to have a 6 month old in a hike pack, and a toddler you have to carry most of the way! Luckily, the hike was along the river... so we were able to see "mini" waterfalls that could placate Owen and pass as a real waterfall! I'm a little bummed that we didn't get to finish the hike, but maybe next time?

My Manly Men!

Nothing beats the awesomeness of these BIG trees... Love them!

 Nathan did really well on the hike...he LOVED being carted around! 

"Cheese for the Bench!" Owen Loved seeing these trees that looked like benches to take a rest. 

The view of the mountain at the trail head. So pretty. 


After our "hike," we decided to drive up the mountain and get some good pictures. Again, we didn't make it far, because both kiddos were on the verge of losing it... and we STILL had a 2 hour car ride home! So we headed back down and home. :) 

Our attempts at a good picture before we took off... Laughable. 

Owen liked to point out the "Really Biiiiiiig Mountain!" 

Seriously, so beautiful up there!

 More attempts at a good photo... not so much.

Finally! I got him to look at the camera! 

Pointing at the mountain again! 

We did have fun. And I am glad we decided to go...but next time, we will definitely go way earlier in the morning, BEFORE lunch/nap time! There were a few meltdowns, it was a rough hike to make during nap time, and we it was a LONG drive to make for just a few short hours up there. Lesson learned... when you have two little boys, maybe impromptu trips to the mountain may NOT be the best idea! :)