Monday, February 28, 2011

Owen Snaps!

I took this video a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to get it posted ever since. It cracks me up every time I watch it. Owen LOVES to watch it over and over again. He is just so proud of himself that he figured out how to snap! He loves to snap all the time now to show off his new skill. You can't really hear it in the video, but he does make the snapping sound and everything!

He may not be able to walk yet, but at least he can snap! He's so funny...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bed Head Baby!!

Here is our sweet little Owen this morning... cracks me up! So cute in his Mickey PJs, crazy bed hair, and oatmeal covered face!! I love him!

We had a little photo shoot this morning! Shad wakes up almost every morning with Owen to spend some daddy time together, I often hear them playing, squealing, and laughing together. It's so sweet. This morning when I finally got out of bed, this is what I found: Owen sitting in his bumbo eating his Oatmeal, with some crazy bed hair! I love my boys!

Good Morning Momma!

I LOVE Mickey!!

Owen's favorite pastime, pulling all the DVDs off the self. But he was sitting so cute!

What a perfect way to start my day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Owen's Mickey PAR-TAY

Overall, Owen's first birthday party was a raving success!! I decided to do a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme because Owen LOVES Mickey, and let's face it, so do I! Mainly Owen loves the Hot Dog Song, he could skip all other parts of the show, whenever the song comes on he immediately starts clapping and dancing! Its adorable.

We had many friends come to celebrate. Most were our regular law school bunch, and some from our ward. Also, my parents traveled over from the west side to be here and help out. Owen loved it! We had lots of yummy food, complete with "hot diggity dogs" and BBQ chicken sandwiches. Overall, good times. I still cannot believe my baby is ONE! Oh man.

Here are the festivities:

My first attempt at Cake Pops... not the prettiest, but everyone seemed to really enjoy them!

The Birthday Spread:

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty proud of my Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake!

Owen enjoyed the time with his buddies, this is him and Nina:

And especially time with his grandma!

He opened presents:

And he shared presents!

We sang Happy Birthday, he had no idea what was going on here!

And finally, we ate some cake!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is a video we made of Owen devouring/destorying his first piece of cake! I think he took about 3 or 4 bites, hence the smeared face. But the rest of it landed on the floor, table, people, etc! He threw about 75% all around, getting it everywhere!!! So funny.

And finally, we went in for Owen's 1 year check up today, so here are Owen's 1 Year Stats:

Weight: 18 pounds 14 ounces-- 4th (ish) percentile
Height: 28.5 inches-- 4th percentile
Head: 45 cm-- Again, 4th percentile

So he's our small little peanut. But he's proportional, and following his own growth curve. Sadly, we have to hold off on the front facing car seat for a while... dang. But even though he's small, he's perfectly healthy and happy!! We love our little Owenator!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Year Ago...

...Our little Owen was born. [sniff.] 2/6/2010 at 2:20 PM, 6 pounds 12 oz, 19.5 inches long...

Now he is officially our little ONE YEAR OLD!!! WOW. A lot can change in a year!

Dear Owen,

I know every mother says this, but I CANNOT believe that you are ONE year old today. Once you were born, I have been sucked into a time warp, where weeks go by like days. Goodness. This year has flown by. I cannot believe a year ago, on SuperBowl Sunday your father and I brought our little 1 day old son home from the hospital, and NO clue what the next year had in store for us! It has been the best, most rewarding year of my life AND the most difficult year! Being your mother has made me into a better person and is the greatest blessing I have ever experienced. You are my life.

So much has changed in one year. W.O.W! You are turning into such a big boy! You love all things boy: cars, books, blocks, throwing things, balls, yelling and laughing! I know once you learn to walk, you will learn to RUN! You are just a little mover and shaker! However, you do things in your own time. You were not quick to crawl, and I'm sure you won't be quick to walk. You may be small, but you are sure feisty! You keep up with the big boys, and even though its not my favorite thing you can defend yourself pretty well and take care of yourself! You are so busy all the time, constantly into everything and anything. Your personality is coming out so strong and you have such a charm. You love to get your way, and you can charm anyone into getting it! You are such a flirt with all the ladies! You love to give a bashful smile, and laugh and before you know they melt for you!

You are still a momma's boy. You still cannot stand it when I leave the room during the day, unless you have some very GOOD distraction. You follow me around the house all day long, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom... you name it, you get around! You love to snuggle with momma for daily naps, and every night before bed. I get multiple "kiss attacks" from you daily when you grab both my cheeks and slobber me all over! Everyday we take time to read books together, dance, listen to music, snuggle up on the couch, and play with toys. We play, play, play together all day, and you are just my best little buddy.

You have so many people and family members that love you so much! So many little friends here too! You have such loving grandparents on both sides who just love you to pieces! You have a special relationship with your Grandma Ratinen, who you just adore. Whenever she is in the room you do NOT leave her side! It's very sweet.

Your father loves you more than can be put into words. He takes special time out of each morning to wake up early with you, so he can get some alone playtime with you. He can make you laugh harder than anyone else! The two of you love to play "rough" and roll around and have a great time!

Owen, you are a very special part of our family. You make our family feel more complete and have brought all of us closer together. This past year has gone by TOO fast, you are growing and learning everyday by the minute. I still cannot believe that my little newborn has become a toddler! We are so grateful everyday for your presence in our little family, and can't believe how lucky we are to have such a happy, healthy baby boy. The joy, love, and happiness you bring is beyond comparison. I know that every mother says this too, but I never knew how much I could LOVE someone until you came along. I think its only a love a parent can experience, and a love that you cannot describe. You never cease to amaze me and I'm sure you never will! Here is to another year of watching you grow and learn!

I love you,

- Crawl, crawl, crawl!
- Clap
- Dance
- Wave
- Point to things he wants
- Sign "more"
- Understand many words like: 'look', 'lunch', 'dinner', 'stop', 'dance', 'no', 'kiss', etc.
- Give lots of kisses
- "blow" kisses (sort of)
- Pull up on things
- Stand for only a moment
- Feed himself snacks
- Make Cow and Sheep noises
- Get into plenty of mischief!

Owen Likes:
- Naps with Momma
- Stuffed Animals
- Eating (his favorites are: yogurt, grapes, string cheese, graham crackers, and crunchies)
- Giving kisses
- Play time with friends
- Balls
- Morning playtime with Daddy
- Bath time
- Looking out the wind0w
- Dancing/ Music

Owen did have a birthday party on Saturday... Here is a little sneak peek! I will post more pictures soon...