Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Pics

Its my favorite time of year!!! I absolutely LOVE Fall: the smells, the weather, the leaves, the colors, baking pumpkins goodies...I love it all! So these last couple weekends, I have been able to really enjoy the colors and wonderful things Fall offers. Last weekend Shad and I went to the pumpkin patch with some friends, and enjoyed some delicious pumpkin donuts! (which we waited 30 minutes in line for!!) And then this past weekend we celebrated Shad's 27th birthday!!!! YAY! We drove over to Auburn to visit my family, and just had a nice getaway from work, school, and Spokane. It was so nice to just spend some time at home, and relax. For Shad's birthday he got his traditional pumpkin treats: pumpkins cookies, my mom's delicious pumpkin cheesecake, and of course pumpkin pie!! I also had some fun shopping for baby with my mom, and actually getting a roll on ALL the things we need for baby. Plus a head start on planning my baby shower! And oh man, Auburn had some of the prettiest Fall leaves and colors! Luckily I got some fun pictures. It was a much needed and nice break from everything...

The Pumpkin Patch:

Fall in Auburn Suburbia:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Updates and Baby Names...

Things have been pretty busy around here for the two of us...Shad is in FULL swing at school, working hard with homework, law review, and his internship. He hardly has any free time, but still going strong. He really is the best student. And I've been going NUTS with work, we had a few people leave at work, and a few unforeseeable things happen at work. So the few of us left are working OVERTIME to keep the bank running. Which is both good and bad. Good: because I am making more money for us as this Holiday season, and baby quickly approach. Bad: because its a LOT of hours, and my poor feet and belly are starting to swell!! And 9.5 hour days on your feet ALL day is just a lot.

Pregnancy update: things are still progressing really well, I'm pretty sure he is having a major growth spurt right now, because my belly is getting bigger by the day. He is moving a lot, and we are more and more excited to become parents! I've been feeling great, minus the minor aches and pains that come along with pregnancy, back ache, swelling hands and feet, tiredness etc. But I'll attribute most of that to my LONG work days/weeks. The migraines and headaches have seemed to subsided, which is AWESOME!!!! I've been on some nasal spray for it, and that seemed to do the trick! Whoop!!!!! I've really been lucky with this pregnancy, not to be sick at all... and feel really good most of the time. :)

Here are some new belly pics. These are both after a looooong day at work, so excuse the tired face!

This is TWO DAYS later, and I look BIGGER!!! I think it's the shirt that makes it look bigger, this is maternity, where in the first picture I'm wearing regular clothes.

Baby names: We are so ecstatic about having a boy!!!! But are not really sure what we want to name the little guy. We are open to suggestions! The names we are currently batting around are: Owen (Shad's middle name), Cade, or Kasen. And we are thinking we want the middle name to be Zachary, my father's middle name. Right now our top choice is Owen Zachary... but I'm still not sold. The only thing I'm really opposed to is naming a name for a nickname. (I.E. if we name him Robert, we will call him Robert, not bob or robbie, etc. OR naming him Christopher John and calling him CJ) It's totally cute to have a nickname picked out, but for me, I'm just not a nickname kind of gal. If a nickname arises later in life, that's fine, but not before baby's born. :)

Lastly, I wanted to show off my latest BYU craft to display PROUDLY in my front room during football season. Which, when the season comes to a close, will then go into baby's room. Shad is thinking a BYU blue and white motif for baby is a good idea! :) I'm so proud of our Cougs this season, and they will continue to go on strong! I LOVE this time of year!