Friday, October 31, 2008

My Fall Craft

 Shad has school all day, and then comes home to study all night, so I decided that I needed to be productive, and pick up some sort of craft. So in another attempt to keep me from going crazy at home all day and be a good crafty wife... I made a pine cone wreath. Since there are so many pine trees and parks here, I just collected the pine cones myself, and went from there! I guess I'm pretty proud of it, I think it could have turned out a little better. But, eh, it kept me busy. :) (Kjirstin you were my inspiration!!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday and Pumpkins!

A week ago, last Thursday 10/16, it was Shad's 26th Birthday!!! Yay!! He's such a big boy now, going to law school and everything. I'm so proud of him. He works really hard at school, and being a good husband to me. I really wanted to get him something fancy for his birthday, like an ipod (Because he ruined his about a month ago in a lake!) But we are totally too broke for that kind of thing...So I got him a sweater, that he is wearing the picture above, because he NEVER wears green, and I think he looks studly in it. And Sword in the Stone came out on DVD, which is his favorite Disney, so he got that for his birthday as well. Then on Saturday we had our new ward friends come over and eat Shad's favorite delicious homemade pumpkin pie (which I made myself!) and play some wicked guitar hero! Good times. 

Then last night, we carved our pumpkins! Last year I made a cat pumpkin, which I think turned out really good. So I did it again this year. And Shad and I were just going to make a normal happy face  jack-o-lantern, but his eye fell out!!! So Shad saved it and made him into a pirate pumpkin!!! We figure they are one of kind!

Here's Shad saving the pirate, because I broke off his eye!

The Final Product!!!
Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall Fun

This past Saturday, aside from watching football all day, Shad and I, along with our friends Jay and Courtney, decided to go to a fall festival, to celebrate the new fall season. And enjoy the fun activities. We drove about a half hour to Greenbluff, where they have about a million farms, pumpkin patches, and apple orchards. We stopped by first at "Apple Fest," were they had lots of good smelling food (like Funnel Cake and donuts!) and apple cider. Also they had pumpkins, and TONS of apple orchards! But we were first and foremost wanting to find a corn maze! So we left Apple Fest, and ventured to find the corn maze at a different farm location, where they also had tons of food, crafts, pumpkins, an train rides. However, being the poor students that we are, we just did the corn maze, and split an Elephant Ear! At first glance I thought the corn maze was going to be lame, but it proved to be much harder than it appeared. But here are some fun pictures of the corn maze...  

Our Destination: The Castle

The Castle is in sight.

'Oh No! Can we find it...??'
'We made it to the top!'

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Heart Autumn!!

Well, first some good news: I finally found a job at Bank of America! Whoo Hoo!
Then the bad news: It doesn't start for another week, and is only part time. So I still have to kick it at home all day until then. Boo

So once again, to keep me from going insane indoors, Shad and I visited another park. This one is just located behind our apartment complex, we could literally walk there (even though we didn't! hehe). It was a perfect day outside, because Autumn has finally reached Eastern Washington, and it was BEAUTIFUL. It was windy and chilly, but sunny. Fall is my absolutely favorite, so it was heaven. I'm happy that we live is such a pretty place. Here are some pictures from our night out together: 

Shad looking at the BIG trees, carrying a school book (as usual)

The park waterfall

We saw bunnies!! There where like five of them, and they let us get really close.

And we stopped for ice cream after the park, and drove to the temple. (These pictures are a little blurry) It's a pretty temple, tiny, but very pretty. We feel lucky to have a temple close to us. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Picnic in the Park

Saturday Shad and I  decided that we needed to get out and explore a little more since it is so nice outside here right now. And we just needed a break from being inside. I still don't have a job, so needless to say I am going CRAZY at home all day everyday! And Shad is studying pretty much at every free moment. So Shad took a break with me on Saturday and we went to Riverside State Park. This pretty park is only about twenty minutes away from us, so I packed up a picnic and we went out. 

It was perfect weather. And the scenery was nice too. There are about a million hikes there, and tons of people biking! So we just walked around up and down not really knowing where we were going. They also have these HUGE rocks here, that are all jagged and crazy looking!! You could climb on top of them and all around. So we down below to be next to them, because I wanted to put my foot in the water, because it looked so clear and pleasant. But it was FREEZING cold.

Its so green here, I was little taken back with all the evergreen trees they have on this side on Washington. Its very pretty. We got some pretty pictures, and just got out of the house for a bit. 

It was a nice Saturday afternoon, and a yummy picnic. :)