Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Fourth of the ly'

June wasn't a very eventful month for us McOmbers. So I'll just jump right into July. We had a few fun blogworthy events. Starting with my FAVORITE holiday: 4th of July. 

We have a few traditions that we do each year. Annual breakfast with family and friends, rice krispy treats, and fireworks. Just a great day all around. I love dressing the kiddos up in red, white and blue. And I just love everything that the 4th represents. 

We had a wonderful turn out for our annual breakfast. Close to 20 people came! My parents and a bunch of friends from our ward all joined the feast! We had lots of little kids running wild, and plenty of fruit and waffles to go around! Of course, we made our traditional flag waffles. This is my favorite tradition. And each year we share it with different people. I love it! I was busy, busy handling and feeding kids while trying to make waffles for everyone that I didn't even take ONE picture of all those that came! But here is a glimpse of what the food looked like. This one is from last year. 

The weather was great. No rain this year. It was pretty warm actually! We just hung out together, went to the park, and bought sparklers and fireworks during the day. We went to our neighborhood park for a while with our fun cousins: Julia, Victoria, and Karissa (Uncle Steven came too!)! They all played soccer, hide and seek, and lots of slides! We also spent some time with my parents and just enjoyed a day off together. 

Cute kids in their red, white and blue! 

Of course, Kaisa always has her bunny! 

Nathan had just woken up from a nap, and was not a happy camper. So we had a lot of grumpy pics. 

But he always warms up, with help from big brother. 

We played outside. And Owen FINALLY realized that he can EASILY ride a tricycle. He is so, so, so uncooperative when it comes to trying new things like this. Who knows if he'll ever learn to ride a real bike! 

Some more family shots. 

Me with my best gal. 

Later that night Shad gave us our own personal firework show. Nothing fancy. But the boys loved it! And sweet Kaisa slept through the whole thing! 

Starting out with some poppers! 

And then some sparklers!

Don't let Owen's face fool you. He really did like it. He just hated the loud noises! 

After we were finished with our little firework show, we headed over to a viewing spot in our neighborhood at the top of the stairs. Oh. My. Word. It was the BEST view! You can see the ENTIRE horizon. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Seattle from our neighborhood... so you can imagine the AMAZING panoramic view of fireworks we got. Incredible. Guaranteed we saw all major city fireworks from here to Seattle, and then some. The whole horizon was lit up! Owen absolutely loved it! We will for sure enjoy the view again next year!

Overall, another successful 4th!