Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Snips and Snails, and Puppy-Dogs' Tails...

That's right...

... and we couldn't be happier!!! I'm not going to lie Shad and I were definitely hoping for a boy, and from the beginning I had a gut feeling it was a little boy in there. :) Shad was convinced from the beginning it was a boy, and his family certainly needs more boys, because we have many, many nieces! We had the ultrasound this morning, and boy oh boy was he a squirmy little fella!! He wouldn't hold still for anything! Trying to get a peak at his feet and arms were certainly a chore. But it was probably the most amazing experience seeing our little one up on that screen wiggling around. He is still SO tiny, weighing in at 1 pound, so many of his movements I can't even feel. And we got to see him in 3D!!! Here are some pics:

This one is my favorite, because he kept opening his mouth, trying to suck on his little hand:

Monday, September 21, 2009

Kirs Comes to Visit Spokane!!

This past weekend I finally had a nice break from work, which was WONDERFUL... and My best friend Kirsten came to visit me, which was MORE wonderful!!! We had a great time showing her all the "Sites" of Spokane, picnicking, making delicious treats, and watching good movies together. Plus it was so great to spend some time together just the two of us staying up late talking and looking at pictures.... and reminiscing about high school and college. :) It was sad to see her go this morning back to Las Vegas, because its not very often that we get to just play all weekend together, but I know that she will come again soon!!! (or vice versa!) Here are some of the things we did, I wish we could have done more:

Shad showed her around Gonzaga, while I had to work on Friday. And he took her to class with him!!! (I can't believe she agreed to go! haha!)

Then when I got off work, we took her to Coeur D'Alene to eat a HUGE "Gooey" ice cream. And then took a walk on the boardwalk.

Then on Saturday before the BYU game (which we will NOT discuss) we took her downtown to see the Spokane Falls, the get a "feel" for downtown Spokane:

And to feed the ducks!! My baby belly is looking very large in this picture! Whoa...

Then Sunday afternoon, after church, it was just too gorgeous outside so we packed a delicious picnic and took her to Riverside Park. One of our favorite places here:

And we hiked around a little bit. It was so so SO nice outside. I love this time of year!

It was so good to see you Kirs!! Come back soon!

P.S. Only 8 days until I find out what baby is! (Sept. 30th!!!)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Oh, Baby!!

Suddenly one day last week, I woke up and looked like this!! The baby bump is coming in, and the pregnancy is starting to feel more real. This is at about 16.5 weeks:

Things are still progressing really well. I've started wearing maternity clothes, which is weird, and I felt SO dumb shopping for! I've had two ultrasounds early on, due to some complications I experienced in the past. And I've heard the beautiful heartbeat 3 times! I'm still feeling great. However, a new symptom has been plaguing me recently. Violent Migraines! I've been to the doctor a couple times this week to try and get rid of them, and hopefully have come up with some solutions to keep them at bay. Other than that I'm still working like crazy and life is going along. Just thought I would give an update.

Also, happily we received our date to find out the sex!!! September 30th, only 25 days away!!! WHOOP!!! I'm so excited. And this ultrasounds should actually look like a baby, and not a gummy bear!! I'm not going to tell you what I'm wishing for... but we're elated to find out in just a few short weeks!