Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Serious Silliness

Owen has been popping out a couple of teeth this week, so it has been a little bit of a rough go for both of us. Poor guy, he is waking up super early (between 4 30 and 5 30 every morning) and is just a lot more cranky these days. But our little man still manages to smile and laugh most of the time, and we've found some ways to be silly together and have fun!

Here are some funny photos we've managed to capture with our little guy as of lately:

This was actually a couple of weeks ago, but still funny. Anytime Owen falls asleep in our arms, he ALWAYS reaches up to make sure we're still there, grabbing our noses, lips, chin, whatever...

Hilarious. He loves to eat my phone. The little rascal will do anything to rip it out of my hands. The teething ring was for my entertainment.

Lounging around with dad, I love this face, his grouchy I just woke up face!

Summer fun in the pool, during the last few days left of warm weather...

His hair is out of CONTROL, Shad and I cannot tell if its curly or wavy, or straight. But we can never keep it down. Most of the time it looks like this:

And then when I try and style it... it comes out like this:

Tummy time is still a no-go with him, especially when teething:

He likes to YELL these days, instead of full out crying (This pic is a bit blurry):

When you're teething you find anything to chew on... including taking off your shoe and eating your toes/socks:

This little boy makes me laugh. What a crack up!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sleep, Kind Sleep, Welcome Back

(Not sure how he managed to get his shorts off! hehe)
Owen is now 6 months, for the past 6 months Owen has either slept in his bouncer OR most of the time, in the bed with us. I'll admit that I was rather fond of the whole family bed/sleep sharing idea, it was so sweet to snuggle and cuddle my little guy all night long. Plus it made nighttime feedings SO much better. However, I knew the time would come when I would have to end the sleep sharing and get Owen into his own room and bed. It was getting to the point were none of us were getting much sleep anymore, and the nighttime feedings are over. Shad and I committed to a new routine and sleep situation. We decided that nothing else was working so we just had to let our little guy 'cry it out'. It was horrible. That first night Owen cried for 1 hour and 45 minutes, and I cried with him. TORTURE. But we stuck to our guns and continued the next few days, the next day it was 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, then no crying at all! And this only took a week!!! Its still very new, and there are nights were he will still cry for 5-10 minutes, but then blissful silence. Owen sleeps in his own bed, and more importantly he sleeps through the night! Occassionaly he will wake up cry and wimper a little, then go right back to sleep within a couple minutes. We are all getting much more sleep these days. Oh blissful sleep, how I've missed you these last several months! I sure hope this lasts!

Naps are little bit of a different story, its hit or miss with naps. But... one battle at a time right?!?!

He loves to snuggle his little bear blanket buddy. Its so sweet.

And these are just cute... He was sportin' a mohawk:

Love that smile!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good friends, Good times...in Boise!

This last weekend, Shad and I took a sort of last minute trip to Boise! He will be starting school soon (on Monday!) and this was a nice way to bookend the summer. However, this trip was not all fun and games, the main purpose was strictly business! Shad has started applying for jobs for next year when he FINALLY graduates school (whoo hoo!!!). He has expressed a big interest in doing a judicial clerkship for a year or two before landing a "real" job. A clerkship is usually a year long position where Shad will assist a judge and gain very in-depth experience on how courts and cases work. It would be well paid, and is highly coveted experience for big companies when he finally lands a 'big boy' job. It took me a long time to be sold on this idea, because I am SO ready to settle down and not move around. I'm ready for something non-temporary and to start saving for a house, etc. However, Shad has told me that this will really build up his resume and career... so I'm willing to go anywhere for a year. Its just a year... right? That being said, Shad had an INTERVIEW in Boise this last weekend! Whoo hoo!! Its so exciting because its our first step in landing something after graduation. Shad, being the smarty pants that his is, has really good credentials and I'd say a pretty good chance of getting this position. Well see... He will find out before Labor Day! We are not particularly excited about moving to Boise, or anywhere in Idaho. But we'll make that decision when it comes, IF he gets the job. Shad and I have both agreed that one way or another we are going to end up in the Seattle/Tacoma area! :)

At first I didn't really want to take a 7 hour road trip to Boise, but after I thought about it seemed like a fun trip to take together, and a nice last hurrah before school. Plus our dear friends recently moved down there, who we miss terribly, so we got to spend a whole weekend with them! And they were wonderful hosts and allowed us to crash their house. We had such a fun time with them; and seeing them and little bit of the city made the prospect of moving to Boise not such a bad idea after all...

I got to see my old roommate, and good friend Annette! Our boys are about the same age! (and pretty cute!)

She, of course, has two other adorable little girls!

These two love birds were celebrating their anniversary! And they let us stay with them all weekend. What awesome friends!

They took us to this beautiful/green park:

We also got to see the capitol building... very cool!

Their prefect little angel baby! Seriously, she was a dream!

Allie provided us with lots of entertainment!

Allie and Owen became quick buds!

Plus I got to see my wonderful friend Becca! We were BEST friends and neighbors in elementary school. Lucky for me we still keep in touch! (this picture is froma couple years ago, but you get the idea!)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Behold, the Six Month Old!


How the heck are you six months old already?!?! I cannot believe how much you are changing and growing. These last six months have flown by! In another few months you will already be a year old... What?!?! Everyday you are learning something new and discovering the world around you. Your father and I enjoy every minute of watching you explore and grow.

So many things have changed in the last three months! You are growing so fast! You are now able to do all the little baby things, like suck on your toes and toys. You love to eat baby food, and are always interested in whatever mommy and daddy is eating. You are constantly cracking up at anything and everything. You find so many things so funny! Just right now you are sitting next to me babbling and laughing! Your personality is starting to come out, and its so fun to watch you become a little man.

Things you like:

- Sucking on your toes and fingers

- Morning naps with Momma

- Being naked

- Bath time

- Smiling and giggling

- Your Bouncer/ kicking your legs

- Babbling

- Snuggling

- Sleeping with mom and dad

- Books

- Eating/Baby food

- Whatever Mommy or Daddy is holding or playing with

- Singing!

Things you dislike:

- Tummy Time

- Sleeping in your crib

- Loud Noises/ People sneezing!

- Strangers

- Car Seat

Overall, you are a good natured little boy. You are truly a happy baby, who just loves attention from mom and dad. I get stopped all the time when we out by strangers who just have to tell me how adorable you are. They just love to smile and play with you. Sometimes you will give them your charming smile back, however, most of the time strangers scare you! You do love to socialize and play with other babies, your little friends can always make you smile and laugh.

Your father adores you. You two already have a very special relationship. He can always make you laugh by ticking you or giving you raspberries! He loves to throw you up in the air, and get huge smiles out of you. He always takes time to spend with you everyday, whether its taking you for a walk, playing with you, or taking naps with you.

Your father and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. We are very proud parents, and eat up every moment we get to spend with you. Everything you do is cute. Your cuteness resonates so much sometimes, I can hardly stand it! I am so lucky that I get to spend every day with you, and I can call myself a stay at home momma! We love you so much, and feel extremely blessed to be your parents. Heavenly Father blessed us so much when he sent you here, you are such a joy.



These cute PJs were sent to him from my family in Finland. So we had a little photo shoot with them:

This is about six months late, but I finally put up the finishing touches on Owen's room!

I got this cute 'Baby Boy' sign from a friend for my baby shower:

Of course Herman, the Giraffe, and the 'Y' flag are also well represented. It really doesn't have a "theme" per say, most of his things are jungle animals... so its "BYU jungle!!" :)

Its a little cluttered, but we work with what we have in an apartment!