Saturday, September 21, 2013

Photo Friday... Er, Saturday

A Friday tradition. A single photo from the week. A single sweet moment. A moment to cherish savor and remember. 

We're game day ready and cheering on our COUGARS today! :) Love my little family! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Aunt Danielle Visits

I have been meaning to blog about this for months. Yes, Months. I also have a bunch of photos all ready and picked out for a big summer-photo-binge-blog post about all we've been up to this summer! But first things first! And this definitely deserved its own post. 

At the end of May/Beginning of June we had the pleasure of hosting Shad's baby sister here for a week. It was over Memorial Day weekend, so Shad was able to take an extra day off to just play with us! It was so nice to have some help with the kiddos, and it was just so nice to see her and visit. She is the baby of the family and doesn't have any kids yet (But we just found out she is expecting a Baby GIRL!!) so it was good practice for her to be around our little munchkins. Plus Kaisa was only 3 weeks old when she came, so she got lots of snuggle time with our Kaisa-Baby. 

We fit in a few fun outings while she was here. We went to the Point Definace Zoo on Memorial Day, it was the last day that our pass expired! And we wanted to fit in one more trip. I knew with 3 kids I wouldn't be going to the zoo all that much this year. Well, it poured on us the whole time. I didn't get very many pictures to document the outing. But it was wet. These are the two pictures I took!

Owen in a froggy mask. And Nathan petting the sting rays!  

We also went to Tacoma for an afternoon where the boys played at the fun Children's Museum there, I love that Children's Museum! Plus, we got to visit Daddy at work and have lunch together. 

Perhaps the funnest day we had with Danielle was when we took her to Seattle! It finally turned sunny the last two days she was here (And pretty much has stayed nice ever since!). We had such a fun time walking around Seattle. Owen was in heaven. He keeps asking to go back!  

(These are all phone pictures. With a brand new baby, 2 other kids, a small stroller, a diaper bag, and walking around Seattle. I just didn't have it in me to carry around my big camera! So the quality is not the best! Lame, I know!)

Owen absolutely loves this water fountain. Here they are with Aunt Danielle.

We walked around the Seattle Center for a bit. Where we found this giant 'O'! 

We also rode the Monorail, and Owen was in train heaven! 

Danielle wanted to visit Pikes Place. Which is always fun!

I wanted to see the 'Gum Wall'! Can you believe that I grew up here and had never seen it!?!? It was so gross.


Owen was so fascinated by it! He thought it was pretty cool. 

Here he is saying "Cheeeeeese! I mean... Gummmmmm!"

More posing with the Gum Wall... Why is it interesting?! 

And, of course, we all had to make our contribution! 

We walked for a little more, making our way back to the monorail... and we found some BLUE trees! Owen, again, was in such awe! I love how exciting everything is at this age! It's pretty cute!

Another water fountain. And me with all three kids! Kaisa, my sweet angel baby, pretty much slept the ENTIRE time in her little carrier. All snug as a bug! What a good girl! 

After the Monorail was such a huge success.... We decided to drop Shad and Owen off at the Sounder Station in Seattle (It was a Friday when we went!). They took the Sounder to the Auburn Station, where Danielle and I met them to bring them home. Oh man, Owen LOVED it! It was so cute! 

Look at that excitement!

 Showing off his "Train Ticket!" 

We also had fun movie nights, and late night chats! Just a nice time enjoying her company. 

Shad and Danielle also went to the temple one night to do baptisms together. A very sweet experience for both of them. 

I'm so glad that she came to visit, come again soon, Aunt Danielle!!! It was so fun to have you here!!! 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Photo Friday

Friday tradition. A single moment from the week. A single sweet moment. A moment to savor, cherish, and remember. 

A cute Daddy/Daughter moment at church. Just too sweet.