Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby McOmber: Coming Soon

At my Tuesday doctors appointment I was able to get an ultrasound to check up on our little man, and yes, it's still a boy! He is doing very well in there, and is already a healthy 7.5 pounds!!! Phew! The doctor says that if baby stays on this track he'll probably be around 8 pounds when he makes his entrance. So potentially, he could come any day now. But he hasn't given me any indication that he is coming too soon. But I am definitely ready. Also I have really bloomed these last three weeks, he is getting bigger/I am getting bigger! (As you can see above @ 37 weeks!)

Anyways, since baby is SO big and scrunched in there we weren't able to get a great picture of him in 3D, since he's upside down and big. But he did give us one pretty good profile shot. Its not very clear, plus this is a picture of a picture; however, we think he's pretty cute already!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seattle Shots and Updates

My favorite City:

Recent events: During Shad's last few days of vacation, we decided to get away a little bit... we were going to try and find a "romantic winter" getaway together, but after being ridiculously indecisive AND not wanting to spend the money, we decided to be safe and head over to Seattle. Its one of my favorite places in the world, and we don't hang out downtown that much. We had a WONDERFUL date night there together, and took some fun nighttime city shots. These were so much fun to take. Although we didn't drag along tripod, so they are not as clear as they could've been. I was trying to steady the camera on Shad's shoulders and street poles! But we enjoyed our day out together: photography... Seattle... topped off with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with my sweetie!! Sounds pretty great to me!

I have so many pictures of this city... someday I'm going to make a Seattle photo book!! :) But I like how these night cityscapes turned out:

And... just because he's just so dang cute!!

Also when we were in Seattle we decided to celebrate my father's 50th birthday a little early!! My mom had been planning for over a year on getting him tickets to the Olympics in Vancouver. So after months of planning and scheming Shad and my mom pulled off finding him tickets to the Finland/Sweden hockey game!!! He was SO SO SO surprised and so excited to discover that these tickets are for real! It was so much fun to surprise him for his BIG birthday! Again, another successful trip over to the west side.

Happy Birthday Dad!! His real birthday was on Jan. 20th:

Update on the McOmbers: Things are still going well for us, we are just waiting and getting super anxious for this little one to come! Shad is back plugging away at school and work, and so far this semester seems like its going to be a good one to have a baby! I've been feeling about as good as I can, minus to the regular aches and pains that come with being in your ninth month of pregnancy! Luckily work has slowed down A LOT and they've cut my hours to a minimum so I'm not on my feet as much all day. And my last day of work is WEDNESDAY...then my maternity leave starts. WHOO HOO! I've decided to take 6 months off, 12 weeks which is paid, and then kind of weigh our options at the end of my leave. Hopefully we can work it out so I can be a full time momma... but for now we're leaving the door open.
Also in some fun news, I get to have another ultrasound on Tuesday to see how big baby is and how he is doing in there. And perhaps get a better idea of when he will decide to make his grand entrance. Also, the law school ladies/wives have decided to throw me a baby shower tonight! So I'm pretty excited about that...although I don't LOVE being the center of attention and opening gifts in front of people. But I'm sure it will be so fun... I know they are at least planning some pretty delicious treats!

Oh! And I've decided to leave my hair long for now... until...the baby comes and once spring gets here, I will chop off these curly locks!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Dilemma!

My hair is getting SO long and out of control!! Its growing so fast and furious! It's the longest Shad has ever seen my hair, and the longest I've had it probably since my freshman year at BYU. Shad is ready for me to cut it off again. However, right now it's so easy to do and just throw up if I need to. So I'm thinking for the first few months that baby is here it might be easier for me to keep it long and easy. However, I'm getting the major itch to hack if off. What do you think? Cut it short and cute, or leave it long and more manageable for a couple months?

Here are some pics of my short hair... different colors of course! Ha!

Also for your viewing pleasure, here is me at 34 weeks already!!! (with long hair!) Just about ready to get this little boy out. 6 weeks left!