Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Nathan Samuli McOmber
Born: 1/29/2012 7:55AM
7 Pounds 5 Oz; 20 inches long
Lots of dark hair, completely healthy, and perfect!! And the spitting image of his BIG brother Owen!!! (Here are pics of Owen after he was born: Seen here)

Sucking his little thumb! He must've done this in the belly, because he's a pro!

We are absoutely in love with our little peanut, he is just so sweet and we are enjoying our snuggle time together. I cannot believe he is here!

Our first family-of-four photo:
PROUD grandparents!
TWO adorable grandsons!
Our handsome, awake little guy:
Some of our first visitors: Aunt Heidi and Cousin Victoria
One proud daddy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Family of 3...

(Most recent picture I have of the 3 of us... not MY best...BIG BELLY!)

...Soon to be family of 4!!! I cannot believe that I am just days away from having my new little baby boy, and that my small little family of three will become a family of four! We are so excited to welcome this new little bundle and take this next step in our family. We know that Heavenly Father has a plan for our little family and that this baby, although a surprise to us... is part of his plan as well. Shad and I are so blessed to be parents to TWO little boys! We are so lucky and excited for this new chapter.

That being said... a part of me really can't help but mourn the end to my perfect little family of 3! The moment I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, I knew that suddenly my days of just Owen and I were numbered. I have enjoyed being a mother to him so much, he is just my perfect little man. We have been BEST BUDS since the day he was born and he continues to remain my little momma's boy and best little helper. I have had two years with him, where most days it has just been the two of us hanging out. Two years of me just belonging to him... just a mommy to Owen. They have been the most challenging and emotional two years of my life! But they have also been the most rewarding and wonderful two years. This baby can truly come any day now (although I have a feeling it will be later rather than sooner... ugh!), I have relished in the last few days that it will just be me and Owen and the time I get to spend with him. We have spent hours upon hours playing in his room with cars, trucks, and puzzles. He backs up into my lap and asks me to read books upon books to him, and I find it impossible to say no. He melts my heart whenever I hear him call "Hi Mommy..." or "Mommy where are you!?" I've been standing outside his room and listening to him read his many books to himself or play trains. I rocked and sang to him until he fell asleep in my arms for his nap today. Its little moments like this that make me wonder how much will change when baby #2 comes?

Being a mother has taught me so much about myself and about the truthfulness of the gospel. These last two years have truly opened up my eyes to our Heavenly Father's eternal plan for us and how families really are the biggest part of his plan. I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, but after having Owen I have never realized how much I was missing and how much I really wanted to be a mother until then. I never truly understood the meaning of unconditional love... and have just a tiny glimpse of how our Heavenly Father can love each of us. Today I was looking on people.com (Yes, I do read People.com semi-regularly... go ahead and judge me!), and there were comments on a story that somehow lead to people talking/discussing the Mormon religion. People were criticizing and writing comments how we have been brainwashed since birth to dress modestly, get married young, have babies and families because we don't know any better... etc. Besides laughing off their complete ignorance, I cannot help but feel sorry for these people who don't have the truth. Because raising a family and being a mother and wife is the greatest happiness and joy I will ever know!

Owen is the love of my life. I am so beyond blessed with such a perfect family. I don't know what I did deserve such happiness. Being a mother of two scares me to death! Will I have enough love and enough of me to go around? Will I be able to have TWO best little buddies that follow me around all day and make my heart swell with so much joy and love its overwhelming? Its hard to imagine... but I'm excited to find out! I know its going to be hard, challenging, and there will be some days where I wonder how I will survive. But I also know that there will be no greater love in my life than that of motherhood and family.

So here's to hoping he comes ANY DAY NOW... because I am SO over being pregnant! This is officially the most pregnant I have ever been... Owen was 10 days early, and I am now past that point with this one, and still feel like it will be while!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Days

Well we have been stuck inside the house for about three days due to the snow and ice storms outside!!! It has been crazy.

It started Sunday, with a bit of snow... that is when Shad took Owen out for his first snow adventure. Owen LOVED every minute of being outside. He loved making a snowman and "really biiiiig snowballs!" Then Monday hit with more snow, luckily Shad had the day off due to Martin Luther King Day, but we braved the mild snowstorm and stocked up on groceries that day just in case. Good thing we did because Tuesday hit with MORE snow, but Shad and my mom both braved the weather and went into work, while I stayed in with Owen. Then came Wednesday...EVEN MORE SNOW... and lots of it. We ALL stayed home yesterday, it was not safe enough to get anywhere. And today we have been now hit with freezing rain and ice storms, which has made driving conditions even WORSE! Shad is still at home today working from home (luckily he got access to his work station!) but is planning on going in later after the ice melts a bit. All the schools, government buildings, and my doctors office (So lets hope I don't go into labor anytime too soon!!!) are closed and people are staying inside! Luckily we have remained with power, internet, food, and warmth. The only thing we are missing out on is TV... and I can't say that has been too big of a sacrifice.

Just when Shad and I thought we were in the CLEAR of no snow moving out of Spokane. Maybe its us... because record breaking snow seems to follow us EVERYWHERE. UGH! (I've blogged about our winters in Spokane...Seen here and here) Geez, we have the snow curse!

Here is Shad and Owen playing in the snow on Sunday. They are so cute.

Owen was saying "Yeah Daddy! Yeah Owen!"

Helping pat down the snowman:

I know he is kind of a sad looking snowman, but Owen sure had fun! (Now all you can see of our little snowman is the top of his head... he has been buried in snow and ice!)

Here are some pics I took this morning of the ice... really pretty even though its so dangerous.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seattle Children's Museum

While Shad's sister, Jessica and her husband Chad, were in town we tried to spend as much time with them as possible. Especially since we don't get to see them that often. Caydence, their little girl, and Owen are just a few days apart in age, so its fun to get them together! The Monday after Christmas Shad and Heidi both had the day off work, so we decided to spend the afternoon in Seattle. We took the kiddos to the Children's Museum downtown, and they all seemed to have a pretty good time!

There were slides to play on...

Water to play in...

Lots of cars to drive! Here is Owen in the Police car:

Talking on his CB radio...

A Firetruck to drive!

And a bus too!! (If you couldn't tell, he really enjoyed driving all the different vehicles!)

Driving Mommy and Daddy, check out that concentration!

Owen also enjoyed building a "house" with "Uncle Steven"

Owen LOVES his cousin, Victoria. She can make him laugh and laugh. Its so sweet! (She is our future babysitter for sure!)

Owen and Caydence dancing to the 'beat!'

Caydence was a "free spirit" when it came to her dance moves! It was so hilarious.
I think he's driving a boat here...

Owen steering (again) his cousins around!

I know this picture is insanely blurry... but I had to post a picture of the International Water Fountain just outside the museum. Owen still talks about this "Biiiiiiiiiiig Water Mountain," Oh man, did he LOVE it!

Also while Jessica was here all 6 of us adults (Heidi & Steven, Jessica & Chad, and Shad & I) met Shad in Tacoma after work and went out to eat at Anthony's on the water... a Northwest favorite (fresh seafood)! That was a really fun evening to just talk and talk and talk... and truly enjoy each others company. We miss them already!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Holidays 2011

We are always lucky to have such a great Christmas time together... this year was no exception. This year wasn't much different then the past few years, but we LOVE those same traditions!! This year I felt a little frantic in my Christmas shopping, for some reason Shad and I had a hard time coming up with gift ideas for everyone. And as always, Shad proved hard to shop for! But it all came together very well!

Christmas Eve started off for me by going into work for most of the morning into the afternoon. When I got home I had a little bit of time to relax before we started our annual festivities. We went to the Lomeli's home for a delicious dinner and dessert, a gift exchange, reading the Christmas story from Luke, and a small talent show.

Karen brought out one of Isaac's old wooden trains for Owen to play with during dinner, Owen LOVED it!

And to all our surprise, they surprised Owen with one of his own!!!

We had our little talent show, and Isaac WOWED us (as always) with his amazing singing/songwriting skills.

Owen, like all of us, were amazed by his talent! He enjoyed listening to the music with Grandpa.

When we got home from the Lomeli's we started on our own Christmas Eve Traditions, by taking the annual family pictures in front of the tree.

My cute boys... soon to add another little guy!!!

After the pictures we got Owen all ready for bed, passed out our gifts (most of which were for the Owenator!), and opened presents! Like always, my parents spoiled us all rotten! Shad got a much needed upgrade to his work/professional wardrobe with new socks, shoes, ties, slacks, shirts, etc. I was totally spoiled with a brand new wide angle lens from my parents, and Shad got me a beautiful necklace to match one of my favorite rings my dad got for me when I graduated high school! And Owen was spoiled from both us and my parents; getting TONS of trains, cars, trucks, play doh, clothes, books, and toys!

Opening gifts, we all took turns helping Owen rip into each one:

Owen kept saying "Amazing!" every time he opened a new gift. We didn't even know he knew that word! So cute!

One of his favorite gifts was a "biiiiiiiiiiiiig pillow" from grandma and grandpa with cars and trucks on it.

Here is the necklace Shad got me, he was very proud of his find that matched so well to my ring! (Its my birthstone)

Christmas morning was special this year because Shad's sister Jessica came into town from Las Vegas for the Holiday, so we got to go over and join Shad's two sisters (Heidi and Jessica) and their families and exchange MORE gifts and enjoy a traditional 'McOmber Christmas' morning with them. (Since my family doesn't open gifts in the morning and Shad's does.) It was so much fun to hang out with all of our 4 nieces (and Owen) and watch them open presents. We ate DELICIOUS homemade cinnamon rolls and breakfast, and just enjoyed each others company. It made Christmas THAT much more special, especially for Shad to get some time with his family.

Heidi's beautiful girls:

Heidi opening her "mystery gift" from her husband Steven:

Our cute niece, Caydence. She is about 10 days older than Owen.

I, for some reason, didn't get a good picture of them two together. Owen got some 'Cars' characters from Heidi for Christmas, which he loved; but that also happens to be Caydence's favorite movie too! So... we had some sharing issues!

After we spent Christmas morning with them we came home, got dressed, and helped set up for my parents annual Christmas dinner. This year we had close to 25 guests! My parents always go ALL OUT on food, dessert, decorations, and games. We had a HUGE dinner complete with turkey, prime rib, and salmon, plus all the side fix-in's!

Here is the beautiful Christmas set up... taken with my NEW wide angle!

My dad and Shad opened up the evening to our guests with a Traditional Finnish Christmas welcoming song. (Owen was dancing along side them!)

Owen, of course, stole the show with his sheer cuteness!

Our yummy dessert table... my mom baked for days!

Some of our best friends, The Fischer's, joined us for all the Christmas fun. They don't have any family here, so we are happy to step in and be family to them as well! :)

Shad and I also went over to their house for New Years Eve, we played some games, and indulged in some yummy cheese fondue, ice cream, and other goodies! We didn't actually stay and ring in the New Year with them because I am 8+ months pregnant and can hardly stay up past ten, and because we wanted to get home before all those crazy drunks got out on the road. Shad and I did end up watching the Space Needle fireworks on TV together before I completely zonked out!

Happy Christmas and New Year!! I hope yours was filled with as much love as ours. We always have so much to be grateful for, and are especially grateful to our Savior who has given us everything. I love to celebrate his birth and life at Christmas time. He is the reason we are so blessed.