Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Weekend Togetherness!

Shad and I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend together. I had to work Saturday morning for a few hours, so we were SERIOUSLY debating whether or not we wanted to drive to Seattle and see the fam on Saturday afternoon. However, finally around 6:30PM after HOURS of debating and constant enticing promises of places to go and see from my parents, we decided not to go and stay home. I have my BIG entrance exams this Saturday (May 30th) and have been studying like crazy for those. (If i don't pass these= No school! Yikes!)  So that was a big reason why we decided to stay home. However, we were still able to venture out a little bit and do some fun things together. Shad and I always LOVE to drive to Seattle and spend time with family and friends... but this weekend was all about us. It was wonderful to just be together, and he was so great and helped me study for hours on Sunday for my tests. We had a great time: 
 On Saturday we went to Manito Park here in downtown Spokane, and packed an AMAZING picnic! It had these beautiful Japanese, Rose, and Lilac Gardens. 

Pretty Japanese Gardens: 

Playing with my camera shutter! Love it!

And then on Monday we to Dishman Hills and hiked around for awhile, its this fun little hiking/park area right in the middle of Spokane Valley!! Just ten minutes from our house. At some parts you could see the water towers just across the street from us! Hehe! Unfortunately,  I totally sprained my ankle so we had to cut it a little short... yup, I'm still limping from that one. Ouch! 

Here I am trying to sport a smile, but I'm really hurting: 

Pretty "Pond" view: 
Then after hiking we saw a matinee of Angels and Demons... SO GOOD! And then we topped it off with a surprise dinner at our friends house. What a great weekend! Shad, Friends, Food, and Sunny outdoors! 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finals are Officially Over!!

1 year Down... 2 To Go!

Hip Hip Hooray for Shad!! Today Shad finished his first year of Law School and had his final test today. He said this one was the hardest one yet... but I'm sure he did amazing! Plus last week Shad received the news and was offered an internship here in Spokane, which is paid AND is good through the school year, and next summer!! 2 year internship, WHOOP! We have surely been so blessed these past couple months, and are very grateful for how wonderfully everything seems to be working out right now. Thank you all for your support and prayers! Shad surely needed them during these couple of weeks, he worked so very hard. Tonight... Red Robin to celebrate!

CONGRATULATIONS SHAD, you're awesome! I love you!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Life, Crazy as it May be.

Phew! Its been a crazy couple of months. Here's a little update on us. Lately, Shad and I have been going off on many weekend adventures, trips, and weddings! First, we went to Seattle for family time for Easter, where we also went to Snoqualmie Falls. Shad's first visit to the Falls, a fun family favorite of ours. I have pictures, however, I am already going to post a lot, so you all know what a waterfall looks like. So no pics there! :) Then just today I returned from my Las Vegas weekend for my Best Friend's wedding. It was so amazing to watch her finally marry the man of her dreams in the temple. And the wedding turned out beautiful! I was so happy that I was able to spend time with her a few days before the big day, and privileged to be there throughout the whole thing! But boy am I wiped! I've decided that we are not going anywhere for at least a while... I WANT TO BE HOME. And I want to have a few nice quiet weekends at home. Plus, I really don't like spending that much time away from my cute, amazing hubby. Like I did this weekend. However, its not that we don't enjoy the occasional get away. We've been really blessed to be able to see family and friends lately. Something we were afraid of losing when we moved to Spokane, and pursued our school aspirations! But all these weekend excursions just get crazy! So hopefully we can take it easy for a while. In addition, Shad's final season is upon us! He is diligently studying hard for Finals. So PLEASE wish him luck, and we could really use your prayers for the final season, and summer internship plans. Its a rough time for both of us. Can you believe it though, finals already?!?! 1 year down already!! ONLY 2 MORE TO GO!!! 4 more semesters! He is doing so well, and I'm constantly amazed by his diligence and hard work. On top of always being a wonderful and willing to help out husband. 

Anyways, I've seemed to have gone off on a tangent. Moving on, recently, like two weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting Shad's parents here for the weekend. They surprised us on Easter Sunday with a text telling us they wanted to visit. And they were here by Friday! We were so happy to have them here to show them around Spokane and Gonzaga. It happened to be the perfect spring weather outside for parks and adventures. We were happy they could join us!! And see what our life is like here in Spokane. I think, its starting to grow on us. 

Good times all around, as crazy as it may be!... minus the finals! As you can see I've posted some pics from our adventures with the McOmbers... And a few from Kirsten's wedding. I didn't get to take a whole lot, because I was busy trying to be "Maid of Honor." But I got a couple to put in the 'Krista Photography Portfolio'. The little baby in the picture is little Alice, Kirsten's sweet little niece. Never have I seen a family dote and love on a little baby so MUCH! That little girl is one lucky granddaughter, niece, and daughter. Very loved and spoiled!! Enjoy!