Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sandpoint, ID

Owen took his first trip into Idaho last weekend! Last weekend we had perfect weather for a day trip and BBQ, so we definitely took advantage of the sunny weather. And the time together before Shad starts his hermit days for finals prep. (Yuck!) We packed up the car with our good friends: Forrest, Kristi, and their son Harrison, and headed out to Sandpoint Idaho. It's about an hour and a half away from us, and a fan favorite here to local Spokanites. Overall, I'd say the trip was a pretty good success; however, it had its up and downs. When we got there the park/beach area was not what I had expected and the beach was a little bit of a disappointment. Plus all the picnic areas were surrounded by gnats, that were a severe annoyance. Every time we moved to a different area they would swarm and follow us. Finally, we surrendered and headed to the covered pavilion (OUT of the sun!) to commence our BBQ. The food was delicious, we made steaks and chicken kabobs. Mmmm. After walking around and enjoying the scenery we headed out to find a local ice cream place, which didn't turn out to be as good as we had hoped. Shad was the only one who seemed to really enjoy it... and poor Harrison experienced his first brain freeze! Then we started to make the trek home, and well... that's when Owen decided he had enough of the trip and his carseat. 5 minutes into the car ride home we had to stop to console Owen who was screaming, I mean SCREAMING. He was red in the face with anger. After a few mintues we finally got him to fall asleep, and he pretty much made it the rest of the way home okay.
I have to say that I was a little disappointed in all the hype that went into Sandpoint. Perhaps because its mainly a winter city, where it has more appeal to the skiing crowd? Maybe we should have walked around town more? Or found a different park? It was pretty, but I think we might try to venture elsewhere next time.

Harrison loves "Baby Owen", he is going to make one good big brother!

The Fischers:

Harrison also loved all the trains that went by:

Mommy and Owen, in our matching green!

Harrison throwing rocks:

Evening Scenery:

Monday, April 19, 2010

Owen's Blessing Day

Last Sunday, we had the wonderful opportunity to bless our son, Owen. I was so amazed and grateful for so many friends and family that came together to support us, and who love Owen so much! He is one spoiled little guy! He, of course, is just our everything and makes every day so much brighter. I cannot believe how fast he is growing and how much he is learning everyday! It's surely a big adventure being a mother to this little guy! We love him so much.
As you see in the previous post, Shad's two sisters came to play with us the previous week before the blessing. Then on the weekend of EVERYONE came to celebrate and come together. It was so fun to host everyone here, and a little crazy. My parents drove over from Auburn, as well as Shad's oldest sister and her family who live there. Then Shad's mom, two youngest sisters, sister-in-law with her two boys all drove in from utah; Shad's aunt from Idaho, and another aunt from Montana also came for the big event!! So... lots of family from the McOmber side! On Saturday Shad and I rented out the clubhouse here at our apartment complex, because trying to fit everyone in our apartment, was certainly NOT an option! We had a great BBQ, played some pool, watched some movies, and played some games all day together on Saturday. It was a fun day to just be together as a family. Sunday was the big day, where not only did we have lots of family joins us, but a few friends from Shad's school came as well to join in the blessing.
Overall, it was a success and a fun way to showcase our handsome boy. It was the first time Shad's family had seen Owen, so we certainly had fun showing him off. :) As always, it went by too fast... hopefully we can squeeze in a summer road trip to Utah this year! Here are some pictures from the day, you know me... always going picture crazy! But with a son as cute as mine, can you blame me!?!? :)

Grandma Rosalie with Owen:

Proud Grandparents:

Shad's sister Jessica, with husband Chad and baby Caydence:

All the family that was there:

The law school bunch:

Family Photo:

Owen in his handsome white suit!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kissin' Cousins

This last week we had the fun opportunity to host Shad's family, everyone came up for their Spring Break, and for Owen's blessing day. It was so fun, and a little crazy to have everyone around. Shad's two youngest sisters, Danielle and Jessica, came up early and spent the week with us. His sister Jessica, had a little baby girl, Caydence, just 10 days before Owen was born. So I couldn't help myself but have a little photo shot with the two of them! They are so cute, and look so much alike!! We got asked a couple of times if they are twins. :) It was fun to have them around and show them a little bit of Spokane. I'll have to blog more about his family and Owen's blessing day... but I just wanted to post these pics of the two of them. Cute Cousins!

I love this one! Caydence kept hitting and grabbing at Owen, and here he is like "Mom, she keeps touching me...!!"

Some good lookin' babies!

I love it, they are about the same size, except Owen was a little bit taller than her:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cuddle Bug

Owen loves to snuggle. I'll admit, I love it. Most mornings I'll pull him into bed with me after his 5 or 6 AM feeding and cuddle and sleep for a few hours. He loves to nestle his little face into my chest, arm, neck... it's pretty sweet. However, most of the time Shad and I wonder... can he even breathe, and how is this comfortable!?!? It's pretty funny how much he grunts and nestles until he gets it just right! Here is his latest favorite position (mind you, he puts himself in these positions, and if you try and move him, he'll just go right back, and growl at you!):

We love this little guy!!