Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekend Stay-cation

This past Memorial Day weekend Shad and I had a little mini "stay-cation" together. He took Friday "off" (More on that later) so we planned some fun activities to do throughout the weekend. We also had some friends from law school, the Crandells, in town from Arizona... so it was also GREAT to see them and play with them a bit this weekend. Luckily, for the most part, we had some agreeable weather for outdoor activities. 

Friday, Shad took the day off, so we had planned on going to have a picnic in the park with our friends, the Crandells and Fischers, at a park on the sound. And then head over to the Ballard Locks. However, Shad had a deadline come up in the morning, and had to finish up some work that took him a lot longer than expected. So we didn't end up getting out until about 2 PM. I was a little bummed about the fact that we missed the park, but we were able to catch up with the group at the Ballard Locks. 

Here are my boys at the Locks! Owen was pretty interested in the boats!

Nathan wasn't...haha. 

The Fischers, The Crandells, and us all have 2 boys! Here are the older ones interested in boats and water.

Why yes, Owen does need a haircut!! Look at that curly mullet!! 

Owen and Mason, just 7 months age difference, 

Shad and Forrest with the kids.

LOVE this smiley little bug!

On Saturday, I went back to work for the first time after having Nathan. I only worked a short shift. I really didn't think I was going to enjoy going back, but I actually really enjoyed the time to myself working. I'm only going to be working once every 30 days, which I can totally live with! :) After I came home, Shad had BOTH boys napping and we enjoyed a little bit of time together with a quiet house! Later we took the boys out to do some shopping. Owen LOVES to mall... its like Disneyland for him. They have a Carousel, play area, big planes to look at, balloons, etc. According to Owen, its the greatest! Later that night Shad and I had a HOT date-night chaperoning the Youth Dance Festival dance! Haha. 

While I was working, Shad played outside with Owen on his brand new trike!

Sunday, we were "heathens" as my dad would say, and we skipped church and went and hung out with our friends instead. We went up to Olallie State Park and did the Twin Falls hike. It was so fun! I haven't been hiking for a long time, and I really enjoyed it. It was a little hard bringing the two kids up. We had to take turns carrying Nathan in the hike pack. Owen did AWESOME walking on his own, but definitely got tired near the end and needed to be carried most of the way back. Phew! But he loved looking at all the trees, rocks, sticks, and of course, the waterfall! Its so cute to watch him enjoy nature.  

Pics from our hike:

Big trees! I love the northwest!

Fun with the wide angle lens!!

 Everything was so insanely GREEN up there. Loved it!

Checking out the waterfall: 

Wide shot from the bridge over the falls.

The only picture of me on the hike!! haha 

The group shot:

Sunday night we had a delicious dinner with the group and then played games together, like old times. Unfortunately we had to say our goodbyes to the Crandells that night, because they left Monday for home. 

Monday Shad and I decided to take Owen (and Nathan) to the Point Defiance Zoo. We love the zoo! We love it so much I decided to buy a year membership... if we go just one more time it pays for itself! It was such a good deal, so I think we will be frequenting the zoo many more times this summer! :) And  at least once for zoolights! Owen had such a fun time there. He even brought Percy (his favorite train from Thomas and Friends) to show him all the "am-mi-mals." So cute!

Looking at some fish

Touching some of the underwater creatures

The SHARKS...His favorite!

Shark Teeth

Looking at the Elephants

The Tiger

Taking a break for some lunch!

Petting the camel

After naptime on Monday, we had some other friends from Spokane come over for a visit! Our friends, the Edvalsons, actually moved over here recently from Spokane. We were excited to see them and spend the evening talking, eating, and catching up! They have a little girl Owen's age, Nina. And Oh man, I wish I got some pictures.... they were SO CUTE together! I have never seen Owen interact and play with another kid his age like he did with her. When they were ready to leave he even asked Nina's mom if she could come back over. It was so fun to watch them two. Owen usually plays on his own, and likes to interact with adults more. So... we will have to have them over again! 

So there is our Memorial Day weekend! So much fun to have a few days off together to enjoy friends, outdoors, and family! Its the start of summer! We have a couple of vacations coming up here in the next month. I am going with the boys to Michigan for a few days to visit my mom's family... and introduce the boys to my Grandma! (and aunts, uncles and cousins!) Then we have a BIG road trip down to Utah for Shad's family reunion! It should be a great start to the summer!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Photo Friday

A new Friday tradition- a single photo from the week, a single sweet moment. A moment to savor, cherish, and remember.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Photo Friday

A new Friday tradition- a single photo from the week, a single sweet moment. A moment to savor, cherish, and remember.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nathan's First Haircut

Its no mystery that our little Nathan was born with TONS of luscious hair! It was getting a little out of control. (Owen has/had a similar problem, this was his hair before we gave him his first haircut: Seen Here. And here he is when we FINALLY decided to cut it at like 9 months, looong overdue!) Nathan's hair sticks out in ALL directions. The sides were winging out all over the place, and to avoid another Owen look, we decided to cut it on Sunday. Just a small trim of course. The only problem is, he has rubbed off all the hair on the sides (as seen in the picture above)... SO... there was no avoiding the "bowl cut" look. *Sigh* Luckily, he is so cute, it doesn't even matter! I guess we are lucky to have boys that have so much hair to even have this problem!
(WARNING: This post is just an excuse to post an excessive amount of pictures of my ADORABLE little guy!) 
An example of how much he has rubbed off the sides, and how out of control it has gotten! 

 Before the cut... the "wings" fully visible.


 The after shots. So cute and stylin' in the above photo. And looking a little "bowl-like" below! Ha!

This picture I took last night, because he looked so hilarious with that puffed-up fro. With the sides of his hair gone he seriously looks like a baby from 'Jersey Shore' or something! 
Sure do love this little guy!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I {heart} Mother's Day

I'm not sure why... but I was really into Mother's Day this year. I think because it was my first Mother's Day to two handsome, adorable boys! I just really wanted to a day to be appreciated and adored for all the work I do at home! Being a mom to two little ones, is a TOUGH job! I was convinced that Shad was going to forget it and not get me anything... I kept reminding him for two weeks prior! But he did not disappoint. :) 

Homemade card, a beginning of many homemade treasures I'm sure. And I may have subtly "hinted" that this is what I wanted!

My mom was especially spoiled this Mother's Day. Of course, she deserves it! My dad took the weekend to take her to her favorite ice cream, the movies, get her flowers, and buy her a new kitchen appliance! :) Then he attempted to cook her breakfast on Sunday morning. And I'm pretty sure that was the first attempt he had made at cooking... EVER. And he did a great job! I also benefitted from his cooking skills on Sunday! Yum! 

Me and my mom. I love her!

I'm so grateful for my mom and everything she does for me. She is a saint, and truly helps me so much with the boys! I'm not sure how I would survive some days without her! She has taught me so much about motherhood, unconditional love, and patience. I'm so lucky that I get her ALL to myself! We got my mom and dad a combo Mother's/Father's Day gift this year and bought them a new computer! (Their computer is seriously ancient and has been dying for quiet a while... many hours pouring over that computer in frustration was enough! It was time for a new one!)

Shad had to speak at church and wasn't told until Tuesday that he was supposed to speak. He had a CRAZY busy week at work... so he didn't get to his talk prep until Sunday morning (we have 1 PM church). He spent a good portion of Mother's Day working on that. His talk was awesome. Then I told him he was to make it up to me with dinner, BUT then he decided to Skype with his mom while *I* cooked dinner for everyone instead. (He sure lucked out of those didn't he!?)

However, I did enjoy my day! I just love being a momma to these two little peanuts!

I just can't stop kissing this little baby boy!

Not the best picture of us, but it was the best I could get with a hunger baby and hyper-can't-stand-still-2-year-old! But I just ADORE them!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo Friday

A new Friday tradition- a single photo from the week, a single sweet moment. A moment to savor, cherish, and remember.

It was Time...

...For a Change! 



And I LOVE it! :) I'm me again...long hair just isn't my thing! (I just realized I haven't posted a recent picture of myself in quiet awhile, so little of you knew how long my hair had actually grown!)