Saturday, July 30, 2011

See Ya Later!

Tomorrow we leave for FINLAND!!! I still cannot believe the trip is actually here, we have been waiting for this trip for a year pretty much. We are busy, busy, busy! Packin', shoppin', running errands, doing laundry, and trying to get ready to go! 3 weeks is a long time to be gone! By the time we get back:

-Owen will be in NURSERY!
-I will most definitely have some form of a baby belly (Its already starting to pop!)
-I'll be a year older, 26! (My Birthday is Tuesday!)
-Shad will hit the job search HARD... please pray he finds something soon!
-We'll have less than a month until we find out what BABY is! :)
-We'll all be SUPER jet-lagged!

I hope everything goes well and Owen does GREAT with the travel and with the time change!
Wish us luck and we'll see you in 3 WEEKS!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you in there Baby...??

Baby McOmber #2 Due: February 3, 2012!!!

We are all very excited for Owen to be a BIG brother!

Shocked?! Us too! Of course many people are going to ask... so I'll just address the issue: Was this planned? And the answer: Yes... and... No! Since it took us awhile to get our little Owen into our family, we were under the assumption that every pregnancy would be hard to come by. Obviously this time that was not the case this time and it happened pretty quickly for us. Owen's birthday is Feb. 6th, so they will be EXACTLY two years apart. Almost to the day! :)

We are thrilled to welcome a new baby into the family. And Shad and I are still not totally convinced that this is actually going to happen. It still doesn't feel quite real. Is there really a baby in there?! That being said, I have been actually feeling pretty good. I'm 12 weeks along. We've had about 3 or 4 ultrasounds to check out that little heartbeat and make sure everything is good. I have had some morning sickness and nausea, more so than with Owen I think, but I haven't actually thrown up. And I feel like I can barely make it to the bed at night I'm so exhausted. But the last week I have been feeling my energy coming back a bit and less and less sick. Overall, pretty similar to my pregnancy with Owen.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

17.5 Months

Our little Owen is growing like CRAZY. He is such a little boy now, and less of our little baby boy. I was going to do an 18 month post about him... but since we are going to be in FINLAND when he turns 18 months I thought I would do it now. :) Before the packing, planning, shopping, and craziness starts before the trip! Its more a journal entry about our little guy... and so I can look back and see what our little man was up to!

Owen has changed SO much in these last 6 months, oh my goodness! These last 6 months I've seen a more drastic change in him than any other time. Its amazing how much he is learning everyday. Walking seemed to be the real turning point in everything: how he thinks, what he does, and how much he has learned. He is like a sponge. He soaks up everything, and copies everything! He is our little chatter box. I swear he learns 2-5 new words a day! And oh boy is he smart! He can recite some of his ABCs, he can help count to 10, he knows his animal sounds (and MANY other sounds), he points at pictures and identifies the object, letter, or animal. I wish I could list out all the words you say and know... but there are just too many! And he is starting to put two words together and create mini-sentences! It just amazes me how much he is learning and growing each day!

As always, Owen loves books. Books, books, books... all day long. He loves to go to the library weekly and pick out new ones. He loves storytime at the library. And he loves his room because he knows that he can get free roam of his own personal library. Anytime I leave him alone in his room, I come back to a room covered in books, and hardly any left on the shelf! If I let him, he would read all day everyday!

He is also our little spit-fire! He is ALL boy... he likes to hit, scratch, bite, pull hair, scream, and my not-so personal favorite head-butt. Luckily he seems to keep this to only those he is close to, and not other children. But with mommy, daddy, grandma, and grandpa he sure likes to test his boundaries and push that fine line! But he really is our sweet little boy. Even though he often scratches and bites in "self-defense" he makes up for in kisses and hugs. And he really tries to be helpful and share with others.

When he is not at home, he is just my little shy guy. He won't say much to others, and he clings to mommy and daddy at the park, library, store, etc. He likes other children, however, he is still very leery about them. But he is getting better and more outgoing as I take him out more and more.

He LOVES outside. He always wants to grab his "shoes" and go "outside" everyday. He loves trees, plants, rocks, grass, and birds. He loves our little outings to the parks, zoos, or aquariums. He loves animals: all kinds. He'll stop for any dog or cat on the street and try to follow them, hug them, kiss them, and pet them! He's really into sharks and turtles right now. "Charks" is one of his new favorite words. Owen also is really into CARS. He loves to play with cars, and anytime he seems the movie CARS on the self he begs to watch it! He is always exploring the world around him at all times! Everything is new and exciting!

(This was at the Shark Tank at Point Defiance on Monday!)

He kept shouting "Whoa!" and knocking on the glass to get their attention. I don't think he really knows how dangerous Sharks are since he loves them so much.... Hmm??

Overall... I LOVE this stage! It definitely has its hard days, and by the end of the day I'm beat! But its so fun to watch him learn and grow. He is just so much fun. This is what being a mother is all about!

Dear Owen,

I love you more than I can ever put into words. When your little face lights up with that big cheesy smile my heart just melts. I want nothing more to make sure you are happy and healthy, and taken care of. Your sheer cuteness allows you to be spoiled by ALL those who know you! You are nothing but a joy to us and a blessing.

You are my feisty little guy! You know how to get what you want and you certainly fight for it! Your BIG personality comes shinning through everything you do. You have a certain eye for detail and have many little personality quirks that show your perfectionist preferences! And I love it! It shows that you take after your momma! You love to learn new words, letters, numbers, books, etc. Your thirst for knowledge is so amazing. Your memory is so keen and vibrant. You have a talent for learning new things and retaining lots of information. You are so vocal and I often get many compliments on how smart you are and how much you know and recognize! Its just who you are... you are just smart. I take no credit. :) Maybe its all those books...???

Like always your family loves and adores you. You absolutely ADORE your daddy. Just tonight, you would not let anyone put you to bed, comfort you, or anything except him. Your face lights up when he enters the room. And the same goes for Shad. You two are a match made in heaven! Your grandparents just eat you up. I don't think there are two people who appreciate you and adore you more than them. They never take any moment with you for granted. You are so lucky.

You are my greatest accomplishment. I am still amazed at the fact that I get to be your mother. You make me CRAZY some days and let me chase you all day long... but there is nothing I would rather do then spend my days with you. I love you.


Friday, July 15, 2011

5 Years...

5 Years Ago today I married my best friend! And never looked back! It has been the best 5 years and we have a whole lifetime ahead!

Happy Anniversary Shad! I love you!

Harry Potter and dinner tonight... seems the PERFECT way to celebrate! (Shad also spoiled me with a new Nook for our Finland trip! Best Husband Ever!)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'He makes me melt like a popsicle on the 4th of the ly!'

I. LOVE. INDEPENDENCE. DAY. It is by far my favorite holiday. I'm not really sure what exactly it is about 4th of July that I love so much. We don't have any grand traditions or do anything super special, I just love everything it seems to represent: summer, family, food, freedom, liberty, founding fathers, American history, swimming, friends, and fireworks! I just love it all!
This year was nothing special. Shad was able to pretty much take this ONE day off from Bar prep to spend with us! YAY! Shad and I have an annual 4th of July breakfast where we make red, white, and blue waffles (raspberries, blueberries, whip cream!) along with all other fancy breakfast fixings. This year we did our big breakfast on Saturday, because our new ward has an annual breakfast and flag ceremony on the 4th that we decided to attend as a family. Yum! The weather was incredible this year, which almost never seems to happen here... everytime I can remember 4th of July it is always raining/cloudy in Seattle. But not this year! We went for a walk, played outside, ate outside, took out Owen's new "pool" and had a great day! Later Shad and I decided to leave Owen with the grandparents and venture on our own to Tacoma's freedom festival to eat good food and walk along the sound. We stayed a bit for some of the firework show, but left early to miss the traffic. Overall... a day well spent! And Owen slept through the entire night of firework booming!

Owen and Shad walking around the park after the breakfast!

Loves balloons!

He's really into smelling flowers right now... he sticks his WHOLE face in them and takes a huge whiff!!

Pool time!

Owen was so funny... he would stand up just to plop right back down in the water on his bum and make a splash!

What's better than this!?

No picture of our date night... but it was so fun to get out together and enjoy the Holiday! Hope you did too!