Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Friday

The return of Photo Friday!! (I hope!) 

I'm hoping to keep up Photo Friday again, I was so diligent most of last year! And I love the idea of cherishing a moment each week with a photo. There are just so many sweet moments each day to cherish with my littles. 

I decided to do a belly pic(s), because my pregnancy with this little girl is so poorly documented!! So here I am in all my 34 week (ish) glory. Can you believe only 6 weeks left?! Yeah... me either! 

 Definitely getting to the point where I look down and can't see my toes and think: "Really, can I get ANY bigger...??" Why yes, yes I can... Yikes! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Little Tender Mercies

On Sunday we had a wonderful lesson about trials and faith. It really was a great lesson, and a great way to start my week. We talked about different things that bolster our faith and lift us up. The whole lesson I just keep thinking about the little things... the Tender Mercies from heaven that make up my everyday. 

I could focus on the negative. Like the extreme anxiety I am feeling lately, its taking a physical toll on my life. And I hate it! My body is not handling all this stress and anxiety all that well. This is the most physically taxing pregnancy I've had. And I literally hardly sleep at night because I cannot turn off my mind! The stress and anxiety of having three kids, a new home, and the fact that we don't have a car big enough to fit us all yet. The fact that I am mentally and physically totally UNPREPARED for this baby to come into our family. Only seven weeks, and she doesn't have a car seat, or clothes, or a stash of diapers! The fact that I am still waiting for that peace that this truly is the right time for her to come. Stress about labor and delivery. Stress about a newborn. Stress over the two babies I already have. ... Phew! 

I think when we are going through trials it is so easy to focus on the negative. Just like when we are having a bad day, everything seems to go wrong.... only because we are TRYING to see the bad in everything. Right? I know that I have so much to be extremely grateful for, truly; but I know that if I don't count my blessings, and hold on to those little things DAILY I'm not sure I would make it through! 

My day is all about the little things. And little ones!! 

I am so lucky that I get to spend my day with my two little peanuts. They are my everything. 
Here are some of the little things that lift me up each day... and truly bolster my faith: 

This morning I got out of the shower to the sound of Owen reading books to Nathan. So sweet. A perfect way to start my day! 

We are now getting into SPRING! And I can relish in the days here and there when the sunshine peaks through my windows and we can take a quick stroll to the park. 

Owen has stopped napping everyday. But on the days he does nap... HEAVEN! ;) 

Our new Home... LOVE! 

Outings with my boys. They love trips to the mall. This morning we went to visit the Easter Bunny. Owen picked out a PINK cup from him! Haha!  (Apparently he 'Loooooooves Pink!') 

The numerous daily kisses Owen gives to my belly and to Baby Sister. He loves her so much already. He tells every stranger at the store, mall, park, etc. that "Mommy has a baby sister in her tummy!"

Watching the boys build things for our new house with Daddy.  

The view of Mt. Rainier on a sunny clear day. How can that NOT increase your faith in our Heavenly Father's creations!? 

The little miracle growing in my belly. I can feel her squirm all day long. 33 weeks already!

Long talks with Shad about our family and future. I love him so much. I'm so grateful for the father and husband he is. 

Nathan's first little steps around the house. I love those little wobbly steps. Here Nathan is learning how to say "TOUCHDOWN"... hey we was wearing his Cougar shirt, we have start 'em young!  

Owen being almost fully potty trained. (We are not accident free yet... most days we are though. Yay!) 

Making creations with my littles. 

Watching and listening to Shad roll around, wrestle, play, and giggle with our two boys makes my night each night! 

Shad letting Owen brush his teeth. Hilarious. 

Watching a movie on the couch with my sweetie. 

Going to a HAT party. :)  

Listening to Owen and Nathan play together in the play room. And listening to Owen's imagination as he talks to his trains and toys. 

Good friends. And good girlfriends. Moms certainly NEED other moms... I know I do! 

Going into to get Nathan from a Nap to find this... No pants on! How'd he do that?!

Hearing "I love you" daily from Shad and Owen. (Nathan shows me in other ways!) 

 How PROUD Owen gets when he makes special pictures/creations. This particular one is of Daddy. 

This is what my days are made of. Nothing too exciting or extravagant. Some days are hard, really hard. Most days are long. Few days seem unbearable. And lately many are stressful. But everyday is filled with something sweet and perfect! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Potty Training

*WARNING: This is a post about bodily functions. It is a journal post, and about a milestone that my dear Owen is getting closer to mastering! So don't say you weren't warned...* 

Last week we started officially Potty Training. 

Owen has been going in the potty for months now. Nearly every time we would sit him on the potty he would produce something. He had potty charts, stickers, rewards, etc. But it was me that was never fully committed or consistant. It was just easier to slip a diaper on him. 

Well, I finally told Shad and myself that after we move and get somewhat settled we will potty train Owen. And now, with baby sister's due date fast approaching there were no more excuses. I am not going to have 3 kids in diapers. I've bragged about my genius enough for you all to know that he is more than capable to mastering the toilet. 

So last Saturday (Feb. 23rd), we said goodbye to diapers. And hello to big boy Thomas underwear! 

The first two days were great. He did really well, there were not too many accidents. He was excited, I was excited. But it was also the weekend, something I planned so that Shad could be home with me. However, I did not think about the part that we are not really home all that much on weekends. With Shad crazy work hours, and him getting home usually after 7 when the kids are in bed or close to in bed... that leaves Saturday as our only day out as a family. So we didn't stay in all day training. 

By Monday the novelty wore off. He was acting out. Tantrums galore. Crying. Just being all around naughty. Not just about potty training... just not really listening at all. Tuesday was worse. I was in tears, he was in tears. It was ugly. Wednesday we took a total break from underwear and all potty training. Back to square one. 

Then Thursday came. I decided to get back to it full on, fully committed... all day indoors, and an endless supply of juice and water. I installed a better, more structured rewards system. 1 M&M for pee, 2 for poo. Of course, my ever logical too smart for me three year old, blurted out "That makes 3!!! If I go poo and pee in the toilet I get 3 M&Ms!" Okay really, how could I say no!? He had about 7 accidents... 5 on the new carpet. Ugh. BUT, he was sweet to me, being a very good boy, and was  willing to keep trying. (Yes!) 

Friday was even better! Not one accident! And since Friday (March 1st) he has been diaper and accident free! Whoo hoo! Even at our 3 hour block of church! Now, I'm NOT saying he is fully trained. He still walks around the house most of the time in just a shirt, underwear, and thick socks...just in case! And I am still scared to leave the house with him in underwear; naps and nights are another story. He is in pull-ups for long outings, naps, and nights. He does not wake up dry in any sense. But... he knows when he has to go, he holds it, and he quickly goes once he is sat on the potty. I'm so proud. 

Potty training is very scary, stressful, and messy! Especially to a momma who hasn't done it before! Which may have been the cause of my little stint of pre-term labor symptoms and contractions in the Hospital this weekend! (okay, probably not... but it is really stressful!) But it also makes me realize that baby girl is coming SOON... like, really soon. And I'm so glad that at least I will not have 3 in diapers! 

Owen just this morning.... bed head and all. :) 

Congrats, Owen! You are officially my big boy!