Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunny Summer Days

Summer has finally arrived! We have had a Seattle summer this past June. Lots of rainy days, intermittent with sunny warm days here and there. As for me, I like it. Being the Seattle/Washington gal I am, I truly enjoy a good rainy day. I like a few rainy days in a row, followed by a nice sunny day so that I could get out and see the sun occasionally. Once the heat hits, phew! I find myself trying to find sanctuary in air conditioned venues! But Shad, Owen, and I have recently taken advantage of the sunny days/weekends we've been having here lately:

- We've taken nice leisure walks in the park.

- Walked the downtown Riverfront Park, and enjoyed the Mirabeau and Spokane Falls.

- Introduced Owen to the green grass... which he LOVED. It was hilarious.

And most recently this past Saturday we ventured over to Farragut State Park in Idaho, with some good friends. We had a delicious BBQ over there, and spent the day relaxing by the lake. It was excellent.

Owen loves Kristi, she can always calm him down:

Little Harrison enjoyed playing in the (FREEZING!) Lake:

Family pic, not sure what Shad is doing here! But we're all rockin' the sunglasses!

The boys:

Owen exploring the lake:

Just cute, he's a happy baby:

Owen has now gained an appreciation for grass, trees, lakes, and waterfalls. He loves going on little nature walks with us in his stroller, front carrier, or carried around by mom and dad. And we love introducing him to the world around him. Its so fun watching him discover new things everyday, and squeal in delight at new people and things. Its been awesome having Shad around more often and we love these lazy summer days!
What have you all been up too??

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Tribute...

... To Fathers!

In light of Father's Day yesterday, I just wanted to take a moment to recognize all the amazing men/father figures in my life. Just be warned, this is a little mushy!!

Lucky for us, my father-in-law, Nik, was able to come and visit us about two weeks ago and meet Owen! It was fun having him around, and he's an excellent example to Shad, Owen and I.

Three generations... Owen is named after his dad (Shad's middle name is Owen), who is named after his grandfather, Nik's father was Owen. It's a pretty special name. :)

Next, my dad. He is so wonderful. He loves Owen so much, and Owen is extremely lucky to have a grandpa like him! He always spoils us all, and is endlessly willing to help us out. We're all so grateful to have him around so much.

And finally, Shad, my amazing husband. Owen and I are so, so, SO lucky to have him. He is such a good dad to Owen: very attentive, willing to help, loving, and patient. I am constantly in awe at how amazing he is... he works so hard at school and work, makes sure to take time for us, all while maintaining excellent grades and extra curricular activities at school!

Thanks to you all for being so wonderful. Shad, Owen, and I are truly blessed to have you all a part of our lives! Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Little Peanut

Owen is FOUR months!! Owen had his four month check up today, he was weighed, measured, and had some shots. He is a really good natured little boy, and took the shots like a champ. He cried a bit afterwards, but then slept it off, and is now back to his happy baby self! The stats are in:

Weight: 13 Pounds 12 Ounces 15% percentile
Height: 24 Inches 5% percentile
Head: 40cm 5% percentile

So clearly, he really is our little peanut! He's not a big guy, but at least he is proportionate! He keeps going down on the percentile scale, but he is still growing and eating, so that is what counts. The doctor said that he is ready for solids, like rice cereal... and we are excited to have fun with that! :) I cannot believe how fast he is learning and growing. He loves to laugh and play, and is the constant charmer, always smiling at everyone.

But now I don't have to wonder why he is still fitting so well into all his 0-3 month clothes!! He is still just a small little fella! With short parents like us, he really had no chance, he's destined to be a small guy! We love him and are enjoying every second of being his parents! What a joy.

It's amazing I was able to get some happy pics of him on his tummy, he HATES tummy time. He only lasts a few minutes before he freaks out.