Friday, December 24, 2010

So this is Christmas...

Happy Christmas!!! From our home to yours!

Hope Santa brings you everything you wish for and more!!!

The McOmbers

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 'Owen' Book

Have you ever read the 'Owen' book??

Well... it is one of Owen's favorite books! He loves it. He actually cries when I take the book away.

In this cute little story, little Owen, who is a mouse, has a fuzzy yellow blanket. Owen LOVES this little blanket with all his heart. This yellow blanket is his best friend and goes everywhere with him.

Our Owen has a frog:

The frog is his BEST buddy: (I LOVE this picture, they are holding hands! So cute!)

He loves to snuggle it:

Hug, pat and squeeze it (notice the tight grip!):

Even with such a grumpy, serious face, the frog is still in hand:

They are best friends!!

And remember Herman? (His story can be read here, it really is quite funny) Well, just as suspected, Herman is a BIG hit with Owen. He loves this giraffe!! Anytime he sees it in the room he just has to play, hold, hug, and laugh with him. And when mommy says play time with Herman is over, oh man, Owen is NOT a happy camper! Thanks again grandpa, Owen LOVES his life-size giraffe!

Big smiles!

Just wait until Christmas... I see our little man being quite spoiled here soon! Many more friends to play with!

Friday, December 3, 2010


"WOW!" ... Is one of Owen's new favorite words!!! Owen is growing so much everyday, and picking up new things every day!! He may not be totally mobile yet, he can sort of army crawl, but really doesn't care to move. He's content rolling or sitting still! But, Wow oh Wow, is his brain working and soaking up everything! He's such a smarty pants! He loves to mimic your sounds, words, and actions. And it's just so dang cute I can't even stand it! We love every minute of him, and watching him grow is so much fun!

The other night I was over at a friends house and she was showing him their Christmas tree to keep him from crying (since I was in the other room), while showing him the tree she said 'Wow,' and next thing we knew, Owen was coping her! He said it over and over at her house! We tried to get him to do it this morning, but only got a little bit out of him!

Owen saying "Wow!":

Owen is growing up way too fast, I cannot believe my baby is going to be 10 months in 3 days!!! What!? Every time I think or talk about his upcoming 1st birthday I get all teary eyed. I'm just not ready. Here is Owen at 10 months:

Owen Can:
- Army Crawl (sort of!)
- Feed himself a Bottle
- Claps and dances!
- Gives Kisses
- Says "ma-ma" and "da-da"
- Mimics Sounds
- Laughs- A LOT!
- Tries to pull himself up
- Waves "bye-bye"
- Claps
- Signs "More"
- Gives high fives
- Says "Wow!"
- Tries to blow kisses
- Feeds himself snacks
- Babbles all the time (da-da-da-da!)

Owen Loves:
- His Momma!! (my little Mama's boy!)
- Mickey Mouse (clubhouse-- so cute!)
- Books/reading
- Grandma
- Other Kids (Esp. our friend Harrison, who's 3!)
- Bath time/ splashing
- Snuggling
- Music/dancing
- To eat!
- Rolling (esp. on the bed)
- Playing in the bathroom with the mirror
- Naps with momma!
- Singing, 'Wheels on the Bus' is his personal fav.
- Prefers Women over men... but he LOVES his daddy!

Owen Does not like:
- Car seat/Car rides
- Being tickled too much
- Strangers
- Dirty diapers
- Being left alone in the room

On Thanksgiving, playing with his new Big Boy toy: CARS!

1o months... really?? Oh man, does any one know how to stop time?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Again with the Snow!!

No this image is not from the bad storm of 2008, this was just last week here in Spokane. Once again Spokane, WA is breaking snow records. November 2010 is now the snowiest November in recorded history (since 1800s!) in Spokane. Total snow fall so far in the last week and a half: 26 inches. Urgh. The deja vu of two years ago is screaming back to us, and Spokane is yet again in another "state of emergency." You'd think they would have learned their lesson, but nope, still not enough snow plows, so we are on our own here as far as roads go! Shad and I have asked ourselves 'why oh why!?' are we lucky enough to experience two out of three record breaking winters here in Spokane?! For two people who do not particularly enjoy the snow, who don't snow board, ski, or otherwise like the snow activities, it seems ironic. Spokane is quickly making our list of places not to live! Maybe Owen and I will venture out and take some pics of this snowy winter. And just maybe I'll introduce Owen to the snow, but for now, Owen and I are enjoying the warm apartment, snuggle time, movies, hot chocolate, soup, and the all around quality time together INSIDE.

Lucky for us, my parents again spoiled us with plane tickets to Seattle for Thanksgiving, so we got to spend Thanksgiving with them and other friends, plus a brief break from the snow. (Even though Seattle also had a bad snow storm in there as well!)

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