Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Hair...New Look...New Me

So every year or so I try and grow our my hair, and I usually make it around the shoulder length point. Then every year or so I decide there is NO point in trying and then chop it off again! :) With how many times I've tried to go it out, it could have been down to my elbows by now! Also, lately I've tried to stay within a more natural color parameter, but it was just time for something a little more exciting. So while I was in Michigan my awesome aunt, spend the entire day with me and made me into a new woman. The color is called Mulberry, and the cut is exactly how I like it. Which for some reason, nobody can ever get right! What do you think? Too red? 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick trip to Michigan

Oh man, this cold is still sticking around. But I thought since I am still inside sick all day... I might as well blog about the recent happenings. Unfortunately my sweet grandpa who lives in Michigan has been diagnosed with Cancer, and lately hasn't been doing so well. So my parents made a trip over there to see him, and everyone is there, and I was feeling a little left out. I am the oldest and only grandchild that lives far away. So my wonderful parents, aunts, uncle, and grandparents, pooled their money together and got $500 dollars together to fly me out there to see him and spend some time with him. Yay! It was a nice quick trip, and a little bit sad... but I am so lucky to have a family that cares so much about me to help me out, and allow me to see my grandpa... who really needs us there right now. Here are some pictures of my awesome family. I miss them already!

My mom, with grandpa, my aunts, and uncle

Me and Grandpa

The girls: mom with grandma, and her sisters

Mom with grandpa

Me with grandma, and my cousin Yesina


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sicky McOmber

So I just got back last night from a very short trip to Michigan (which I have yet to blog about). But it seemed like everyone over there was fighting some sort of germ. So on Monday night and yesterday I felt this sore throat coming on. Little did I know that it would turn into this awful scratching pain in my throat. Boo. So this morning I wake up, with a cough, fever, and I absolutely CANNOT talk. My voice is completely gone!!! Ahh! So evidently I have Laryngitis. I HATE calling in sick to work, but unfortunately I work in an area where there is a lot of customer interaction/service, and I knew I would not last all day. I tried calling my bosses, and no one answers. Then I decide to go to work, I get there and within 5 minutes of being there I get sent home. Ew. I went to the pharmacy and asked what I can do to get my voice back, but apparently there is nothing except salt water and tea for me. Yuck. I'm so bored, I hate just being on the couch all day.  Man, this winter time of year just gets everyone down and out! Boo to cold and flu season.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Kambria Visits...Feeding Ducks...and my new D60!

So I have finally taken some pictures with my D60, nothing special just messing around. I am still trying to get used to it... and have so much more to learn. But my dear friend Kambria came to Spokane this weekend to visit our friend Rachel at WSU in Pullman. So I was lucky enough to get and spend some time with her this weekend! Yay! We went out to eat on Friday night together, which is a rarity these days for Shad and I, so that was a nice to go out. On Sunday it was FINALLY a nice day here in Spokane, and most of that awful snow has melted, so we decided to go downtown and visit the park there. And at the park there are TONS of ducks... and I came prepared and brought bread. Little did I know that they are wise to this plan and are NOT shy and they totally attacked and surrounded us. It was crazy! But made for a fun Sunday afternoon visit to the park. 

Crazy hungry ducks... they attacked before we even had the food out!

This guy was the one to look out for... he was scary, and yes, he was literally that close!

Pretty Spokane River Falls

The Spokane Railroad Tower... some Historic monument

Pretty Kambria... she is a good photo subject... and the lighting was nice! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Drumroll Please...

Shad and I are pleased to announce the arrival of... 

imgres.jpg imgres.jpg 

Yup, That's right! I FINALLY got my camera! This beauty is the Nikon D60, 10 mega pixels of pure joy and excellence. For those of you who have known me a long time know that I have been saving for this baby for years (Obviously not this particular model.. but you get the idea, a DSLR anyway)! Shad and I have finally put in enough odd jobs, change, and extra hours at work to buy this camera. I am so excited to expand my photography skills with this camera, and learn so much more. And trust me there is SO much to learn with this one, it is a lot different from my film N80. I already have a friend here that wants me to take a little family photo shoot in March, so that gives me time to get the feel of this new digital world! Yay!