Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Party Anyone?

Shad and I were invited to a Halloween party on Friday, at first we weren't sure if we were going to go, or even dress up. However, as Halloween night came, we decided that we'd better throw something together! So Shad and I went as something we already are... extreme BYU fans!! It was fun party, they had all these games and prizes all planned out...Shad and I of course dominated!

BYU Superfans! You can't tell in this picture but our hair is blue, and I have Y earrings and flip flops! And Shad is wearing our SWEET BYU flag as a cape!

Shad Bobbing for Apples, he totally dominated the competition, 3 seconds!!! Oh yeah!

And the eating bugs off a string, without using your hands. I totally won. 

They also had a pumpkin cookie decorating contest! This was the winning pumpkin cookie, our picture did not turn out, so I cannot post ours. So I will post the winner! (Even though our was much more awesome!)


Brad and Kjirstin said...

BYU superfans, we should have thought of that. We were the same thing as we were last year, vampires, because we couldn't think of anything else. Hey how is your job going? Have you mastered the banking world yet?

Annette Larsen said...

Aw, my little bug eater, I'm so proud.

the S family said...

Ya'll are super cute! I love your costumes!

Jason and Shalise Staples said...

Jason always goes as Jazz fan. The party looked like lots of fun and makes ours look sad. I guess I just need to step it up next year.

Rachel said...

Go BYU superfans! The party looks like it was way fun! I love holidays! Mostly Christmas. Except I'm a bit bugged that they already have Christmas music playing on the radio. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. sheesh.

Mallory said...

Best costume idea ever! Hey we're flying into Spokane the night of the 22nd (of December), will you guys be around or will you already have left for Christmas?