Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finals are Officially Over!!

1 year Down... 2 To Go!

Hip Hip Hooray for Shad!! Today Shad finished his first year of Law School and had his final test today. He said this one was the hardest one yet... but I'm sure he did amazing! Plus last week Shad received the news and was offered an internship here in Spokane, which is paid AND is good through the school year, and next summer!! 2 year internship, WHOOP! We have surely been so blessed these past couple months, and are very grateful for how wonderfully everything seems to be working out right now. Thank you all for your support and prayers! Shad surely needed them during these couple of weeks, he worked so very hard. Tonight... Red Robin to celebrate!

CONGRATULATIONS SHAD, you're awesome! I love you!


Rachel said...

Way to go, Shad! And isn't the first year supposed to be the hardest??? So that's SUPER great news to be done with it!!!!

Nathan and Whitney said...

Congrats to Shad! And you too Krista for supporting him, I am sure he couldn't have done it without you! Nathan takes his last final today and starts his internship on Monday! Can you believe we made it through the first year!!!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe it's been a whole year! YAY!!!!!!! I hear the first year is the toughest because they try to weed out the weaklings so good for him.

Rosalie said...

That is awesome for both of you! Oh the joys of being done--for a little while anyway!

How do you like the internship so far?

We miss you! Love Mom

heisskalt said...

That is so way exciting! You both are so amazing! We miss you :( Glad you have some fun between the craziness of school!