Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hockey Night in Spokane

So Shad and I haven't had too much going on lately... the same old work and school routine. I'm still working looooong days, and Shad is still overloaded with school! But once and a while we catch some breaks together. Last Saturday during the Halloween weekend my parents came over for the weekend to visit, and bring us the CRIB they bought for baby!!! They wanted to drive it over before the weather turned and the mountain passes would be impossible to drive through. It was so nice to have them here as always, and they spoil us all rotten (Me, Shad, and the baby!) On deciding what to do on Saturday for entertainment, my father being a HUGE hockey fan, we got tickets to the local Spokane Chiefs hockey game!! It was so much fun, since it was Halloween, it actually wasn't crowded and hockey games are so much fun to watch! We have some die-hard Spokane Chief fans around here, so its always crazy! Plus, it was Halloween, so there were people dressed up in all kinds of crazy outfits! It was a great way to spend the weekend together. Well, Shad and I had already planned a date night with our friends the Greens to go this weekend again to the Hockey game long before my parents came. So on that note, we went again last night! AWESOME! It was "buck night" so all hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks were a dollar! And it was a "Red- Out" so all the fans were supposed to wear red. Shad and I being the die-hard BYU fans we are, don't really don the color red very often. But we went to our local Walmart and picked up some cheap Spokane original gear. Shad got a Chiefs shirt, and I went for the Gonzaga gear (luckily both teams have the same colors!). Again, the game was so much FUN, much more crowded and loud compared the last weeks game, plus WE WON!!! (Which they did not the previous week). We feel like we are officially "Spokanites" and will proudly wear our local team gear!! Spokane Chiefs: welcome your two newest loyal fans! 'Go Chiefs Go!'

Our dear friends the Greens:

In addition, for those of you wanting to see, I have a grown a bunch in the last month or so. These pics are at about 25.5 weeks!! I'm starting to feel like a large pregnant lady. The really 'awesome,' insensitive comments at work from customers are starting to roll in: "Wow, you're huge!" and "Oh you poor thing, you still have a LONG ways to go!", etc. They always make me feel like a beast. However, other than feeling quite large... I'm still feeling good. I had a little re-lapse with the migraines this morning. But I haven't really been as diligent with my nasal spray, so apparently that really was the trick! I'm also SO tired all the time, especially after work, I come home and just crash. The fear is also starting to set in... of the whole labor and delivery process, and what to do once the baby actually comes!?!? Its especially scary since every mom has their own advice to give, which is more horrifying than helpful. Although I am completely oblivious, ignorant, and scared stiff so I can appreciate that their hearts are in the right place! Anyways, baby is still as squirmy as ever, kicking me in every direction possible. Shad finally has gotten a good feel of him kicking and rumbling around in there. And we're still as joyous and as excited as ever for this little one!

Shad and I comparing bellies, yup, I've finally passed him:


J'Nette said...

pardon to give you the motherly advice you do not want but I have to tell you the birthing was the easiest thing ever. Granted I had an epidural. But I wouldn't worry about it, it was so easy. I worried about that towards the end of the pregnancy and it was wasted energy because it was cake. Now the parenting thing i cant help you with, still trying to figure that one out. hah

Rachel said...

Funny post.

Love the pregnancy pics. Yes, I know what you mean about people saying completely terrifying/rude things when you're pregnant! Way to keep in mind that they're probably not trying to be insensitive.

I totally miss visit teaching you. It was so fun to come to your house and talk talk talk talk talk. I feel sad just reading about your life, and not getting to fully to talk to you about everything!

Anyway, take care!

heisskalt said...

I freakin love that first pic! That is my brother being himself that I haven't seen in a while! He always had cheesy grins in photos!
You look as cute as always plus the pregnancy glow!
So his pregnancy sympathy weight gain isn't enough!? LOL At least you have an excuse AND you will lose it after the baby comes :) His won't! LOL
When it came to the birth of Devin, I just wish I knew what the heck the regular procedures were at the hospital and all the crap they do that is so un-necessary and made it worse. I think all hospitals have tours of labor and delivery and you can ask questions galore! And as you may have already done - plan it out from the time you decide to officially check into the hospital - and eat like crazy before you do cause they won't let you after you check in - at least mine never would!
Has he rolled all the way around and made your tummy twice as big yet? That was the coolest!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ohh you are adorable!! I love the pic with Shad hahahahaha and yay for Hockey. Way to be spirited. I have been wanting to go to a Rangers game out here but man they're expensive. Glad you had fun :)

Unknown said...

We missed Buck Night?!Dang it! It always sounded like a good deal. It's always fun talking to you guys.