Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Baby Shower!!

Over the weekend my wonderful mother, and previous YW leaders in my home ward threw me an awesome baby shower! They starting planning it in October, and everything came together wonderfully. I flew over Saturday morning, Shad couldn't come over because of finals, so it was a quick, girly weekend trip. My mom, of course, went all out on the food and desserts; it was delicious! (with tons of yummy leftovers!) And the girls made all the decorations, favors, and invitations so adorable! They went with the jungle/giraffe theme that I love so much... so cute! We ate good food, played a fun matching game, all about boys! And we even had a name suggestion bowl, where we actually got a lot of good ideas. :)
Lots of my old YW leaders were there, some family friends from the ward, and a couple friends from high school. I got so many clothes, my little man is going to be the best dressed baby around! I feel so blessed to have so many friends who were so generous to give such fun, cute gifts. It was a great, successful shower, and I loved it... the food, the company, the decorations, and the gifts! Our little baby room is really coming together, and the baby stuff is slowly piling up! We're so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family!! We cannot wait for this little guy to come.

My mom's delicious food spread:

Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

My mom, and my second mom:

My dear friend Michelle, I hadn't seen her in SO long!

The ladies who put the whole thing together, love them!

Alyssa, my old friend from high school!

Some of the gifts:


Kelli Brewer said...

Looks like you made out really well! I'm so happy for you guys.

I've only been a mom for a whopping two months, but here are a few words of wisdom:

1. Dr. Brown's bottles. AMAZING.
2. Target Brand Formula. Literally half the price of name brand formula and it works amazing. When Autumn was really gassy we changed to lactose sensitive and Dr. Brown's bottles and we've never had a problem.
3. Gerber's old school cloth diapers as burp rags. Those cute little crocheted flannel ones are just that, cute. Not very absorbent. The old school diapers are by FAR the best!
4. Carters and Children's place are my favorites for clothes. Carters usually has most of their things 50% off and they're SUPER cute.
5. Yay for babies! :)

Kirsten said...

i wish i could have been there! it's ok, I still got presents for the tyke :D love ya! oh p.s. all the pictures of your mom's food made me HUNGRY!

Brad and Kjirstin said...

Wow those blue chocolate covers strawberries are so you!

Anonymous said...

OH I'm so sad I wasn't there it's SO CUTE!!! I LOVE the blue strawberries. The pictures of you are adorable I love the one with you and our moms. Looks like you got a lot of good loot :) I'm glad I got to give you your present at Thanksgiving. That worked out perfect. Yay!!

Tara said...

It was so fun! I am so glad it was everything you'd hoped it would be. It's always fun to see you and you look so adorable these days. :)

Danielle said...

awe. that looks like it was so much fun. im sad i missed out. what were some of the good names? i want to know what to call my little nephew. :] im so excited for you guys. :]

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that I missed it. The invite was delivered to a neighbor, and he gave it to me the DAY of the shower.

I fully agree on the Dr. Brown bottles. They are AMAZING! So worth the money!

Make sure to get a medella breast pump, if you're going that route. A double is a must! Again, very expensive, but it will last and makes a huge difference! Pumping while being a working mommy isnt always easy, but a medella makes the difference.

Will you be on this side of the state before the little one comes? I would love to meet up with you, and have our own little baby shower! :)

Adam is probably glad that I didnt go to your shower though, it would give me bad desires :)

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

OOPS! The last anonymous comment was from me, Megan Morton.

So sorry!

Rosalie said...

Oh, I can see that you had such fun! I am so excited for you! We are looking forward to this little one! You are looking well, Krista! I miss you and Shad. Love you, Mom McOmber

Chelsea said...

Hi Krista and Shad! Are you guys in Spokane over Christmas? We are here and will be for a week more, and we'd love to see yall. And Congrats of course!