Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Owen: Month 1

Our Family Photo

Wow, I cannot believe that my sweet, adorable baby boy is already a month old! What a wonderful blessing he has been in our lives. This has been the most challenging and rewarding experience ever. I'd like to think that I was not naive and I knew that this was going to be hard, but how can you ever really know what it is going to be like unlike you experience it?!? But every day gets a little bit easier, and I think I am finally hitting my "mom mode." Plus, Shad is such a wonderful dad, and is so willing to help out and just loves to hang out with him.
Currently Shad and I are in Auburn enjoying every second of being spoiled by my parents. They LOVE every second of being grandparents and are so willing to help out with Owen and take him so Shad and I can get a break. Owen did great on the 4 hour trip over here!! He was a champ in the car, he slept the entire way, and we had a brief stop to feed him, and then back to sleep he went!
We are so lucky to have such a great baby boy. He is so chill. He only cries when he is hungry, or has some bad gas. And occasionally he will get fussy, but no real big cries. He is happy to have others hold him and when he's awake he just quiet and SO CUTE! He loves to snuggle with his momma and loves to be held. He is a GREAT eater, and nurses quite well, plus hasn't had any problems taking a bottle or pacifier. He is slowly getting the sleeping thing down, last night he had a 5-6 hour stretch... and every night it gets a little longer!! So we are down to about 2 really late night/early morning feedings a night.
Most of all we love him more than anything. He is pretty much the cutest little guy on the planet... at least in my own little non-biased opinion!! ;)

Shad styled his hair after himself, like father like son!

Owen with his grandparents, I just love his cute little face here!

I LOVE those smiles... so cute!


Brad and Kjirstin said...

Owen is just darling. I can't believe it has been a month either. I love your family photo, is that spring behind you? No fair.

Joel & Megan said...

Isn't motherhood just an array of emotions!?! :P It's so fun though. A little crazy, but that's the whole adventure. That is great that Owen is letting you get some sleep. What a good boy! I love the picture of Owen and your parents! How cute!!! So glad everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh is it the 20th yet so I can hold him!? I can't wait to see you darlin'

Annette Larsen said...

That last picture is the best! Reminds me of my new little man. I love seeing them smile in their sleep. Glad everything is going well!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you got in your "mom mode." That's great. It's true you don't know what motherhood is like beforehand. My vision of sitting in my rocking chair while rocking my sleeping baby was a very SMALL portion of what motherhood is like. hahaha

Owen is super cute. What a cute family picture! You've put us completely to shame. We still have yet to get family photos with our not-so-new addition.

Kirsten said...

cute family pic!!! I love the one with your parents holding him :) Glad he is sleeping well!!! I figure we're either going to have a GREAT sleeper like me (i slept through the night after the third day), or the insomniac like Sean (he didn't sleep through the night until after his 1st bday, and even then he would wake up but play in his crib ha ha) I wish I could come see you guys!!! I miss you and I just want to squeeze Owen!

Lyryn said...

I just came acoss your blog through another friend of mine and have enjoyed reading your blog! Congrats on the little one. Boys are so much fun! :)

Debbie Cannon said...

I love all the darling photos. I can not believe it has already been a month. What a handsome boy! Glad he is using some of the night time to sleep. That is always a welcome relief. Congratulations on being parents!

DevinHM said...

hey ive got a e-mail to you know. my mom said ican get on the familys blogs.
baby owen is so cute i hope i can see u three soon. i love u all, dev