Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Owen Turns 2!!

My baby turned 2 yesterday! I cannot believe it. He has grown SO much over this last year and we have come to know and love his BIG fun personality! We love him more and more everyday. He is so much fun, and like always I am praying for a way to FREEZE time with him. Shad and I cherish every moment of him and love watching him grow into such a fun little boy.

We actually had a little party for Owen about two weeks ago, because I wasn't sure when I was going to have Nathan... so we decided to do it early. Which ended up being a good idea since Nathan came a week after the party! We just had us, my parents, Shad's sister Heidi, and our friends the Fischers come over for dinner, cake, and ice cream. Owen loved being the center of attention. He loves his cousins, and those girls are so good with him! He also loves his best friends Harrison and Mason. He had so much fun opening all his gifts and then getting to eat cake! It was a great party!

Here he is with his cousins (He INSISTED on wearing his new Thomas PJ top for the party! haha!):
This is his new excited face!
Opening presents!

The cake. I just googled "Car Cakes" and found this on someone's blog... very easy... very cute...very Owen!
The cake got Owen's approval! Ready to dig in!
Singing "Happy Birthday"
Finally... getting to eat cake!
But he asked for a napkin and a fork after the first bite!! Classic Owen.
Owen with his best buddy, Harrison.

Yesterday, Monday, was his actual birthday. My mom has taken off a couple of weeks from work to help me adjust to having two babies at home! (I know, I have the BEST mom!) Her birthday was actually on Saturday, so she took Owen out yesterday for a grandma/Owen birthday outing! He LOVED it! They had so much fun. She took him to the toy store, let him pick out a toy, he of course, picked a Thomas train. Then she took him to the supermall, which is one of his favorite places, let him play in the play area, ride the carousel, and then topped it off with hot dog, fries, and ice cream for lunch! What a lucky boy! Plus it gave me some mommy time at home with baby Nathan! Grandma's are the BEST!

Then when Shad came home from work we gave him some MORE presents from mommy and daddy... play doh! He immediately wanted to open it and play with daddy!

It was number play doh and because of his obsession with letters and numbers, he LOVES it! :)

Happy Birthday, little man! We love you!


Marilyn said...

Love the cake! Can't believe he's two...that is so crazy! He sure is a cute guy...and smart too!!

Rosalie said...

Happy Birthday Owen! You are a precious little one! I can hardly wait to come visit you! :} Love Grandma Rosalie