Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nathan's Blessing

Two Sunday's (February 26th) ago we blessed our sweet little Nathan. We decided to do it sooner rather than later because we happened to have family in town that weekend. My uncle and cousin from Finland came for a visit and we really wanted to include them in the experience. It was really special having them here for the event. Since its such a rarity to have any family from Finland in town... in fact, it never happens!! Also Shad's mom, Rosalie, was also able to fly in for the weekend. She got to meet little Nathan and spend some time with Owen. Owen loved having her here; he called her "Grandma Reef," and was so excited at the concept of TWO grandmas! Grandma's are the BEST! :)

While my parents were off site-seeing and showing the sites to my uncle, Shad and I spent the weekend with Rosalie and Shad's sister Heidi. Owen absolutely adores his older cousins and enjoyed spending all day Saturday with them! (We are LOVING this whole living close to family idea!) We have the 1 o'clock church schedule, so we decided to have a little luncheon before church (since Rosalie had to catch a flight after church!) with everyone to celebrate Nathan's arrival and blessing day!

We are so grateful for the family that could share in our special day, and are especially grateful for our beautiful healthy little boy, Nathan!

Cousin Julia is SO good at entertaining Owen! He has so much fun with her!
Happy Grandma!
Heidi and Rosalie... part of our day together was doing art projects! :)
My Cousin Mika (age 11) holding Nathan.
We took some family pictures outside the church after the blessing.
My side of the fam:
Shad's side of the fam (... and my parents!)
At home we also took some family photos before we all changed out of our Sunday best.
My dad with his brother and nephew:
Owen and Mika (Owen was very sad to see them go... Mika was a good playmate for Owen!)
It was impossible to get a good picture of all of us... my mom was making weird faces in all the pictures, and Owen was all over the place! Haha! So here is the best one we got!


Kambria said...

Your Dad and his brother are totally twiners they looks crazy alike. SO fun that they came I didn't know they did. That's fantastic.

Rachel said...

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty jealous you live close to some family.
So fun that so much family could be there for the baby blessing. I'm sure these pictures are going to be so special to Nathan when he gets older.

Marilyn said...

How special!! He's such a cute little guy!

Kirsten said...

How fun for your dad to have family in town!!! Your growing family is so cute :) love you guys!!