Sunday, September 9, 2012

Game Day Ready

Here in the McOmber home... we are ALWAYS game day ready!! Each week on game day we proudly don our Cougar gear! (Don't worry, even though I'm not in the pictures I was definitely sporting my Y shirt /flip flops/earrings as well!) 

I really just wanted to overload you all with the absolute cuteness of my handsome boys! I love them!

Nathan BYU blue last week on game day when we beat WSU!

 Seriously, how cute are they?!

 It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good smiling picture of BOTH of them at the same time. I even bribed Owen with candy and fruit snacks. If one was smiling the other was not, and vice versa! 

All my handsome boys. 


 Owen serenaded us with the BYU Fight Song all day long! Love that kid!

"Touchdown BYU!!"

This picture just makes me laugh!

Our sweet baby Nathan

Rah, Rah, Rah-rah-rah... GOOOOOOOO Cougars!

Also... Only 25 days until Shad and I are at Lavell Edwards Stadium to watch our beloved cougars beat Utah State!!!! Whoop!


Shauna said...

Yeah, go cougars!! Love the BYU blue!

Tara said...

Yeah, they're pretty darn adorable! Do you know how much I love that you're such devoted fans? Like super love it! Remind me when Owen gets a little older, to pull out our Cosmo costume so he can be the cougar for Halloween. I think Caleb wore it for at least three Halloweens, beginning when he was three. So who knows, maybe it would fit Owen now? It'd be big, but it might work...

Marilyn said...

You guys are so insane! But we love you for it. What cutie boys!

Brad said...

Oh how I miss watching the games with you guys! We can't make it up to the Utah State game, but we are going to try and get to the New Mexico State game (won't be as exciting but we'll take what we can).

Ben and Carrie said...

Love all the pictures. Your two little boys are seriously so cute- but you know that already.

I root for BYU... EXCEPT when they play the Aggies. So have a great time at your game next month but just know that I will be cheering USU on. And they've already taken down Utah... I'm just sayin'. BYU is going down.