Monday, December 31, 2012

Poor Neglected Blog...

Poor neglected blog, has taken a backseat to the Holiday craziness! But the blog has not been forgotten! We've just been sick and busy with the Holidays... But mostly just sick!

Oh man, it has been a rough month for the McOmbers. There are some nasty things going around. First we all had a rough round of the stomach flu where not one of us was spared. It was ugly. And it was certainly not just a 24 hour bug. I'll spare any other details. After we recovered from that bit we had a lot of Christmas prep to catch up with. Then it was Christmas! It really was a very sweet and happy Christmas, but poor Shad spent most of Christmas Day in bed with the worst cold ive ever seen him have.

Now, unfortunately, me and the boys are battling this terrible cough and cold. Being pregnant with a cold is pretty miserable. But nothing compared to seeing my two little boys so sick. Poor Owen couldn't sleep last night because his cough keeps him up and he can't breathe. Poor baby. I've tried everything to help him sleep, all those ridiculous home remedies; like honey, vapor rub on the chest AND feet, and I even went as far as to chop up an onion and put it on the boys' room!! Nothing worked... and now their room smells like BO! i really wanted to stay away from any OTC meds, mainly because there is nothing safe for 2-3 year olds. Finally I researched and found some 'homeopathic' cough syrup safe for Owen to take which seems to have done the trick to at least suppress the cough for some sleep.

Anyway, its definitely put a damper on our holidays... but we're still happy to enjoy each others company and be together. Here's to a heathy New Year! And I will catch up on blogging soon!


Joel & Megan said...

Oh I'm so sorry y'all have been sick. Here's hoping y'all get better REAL SOON!

Ben and Carrie said...

What a miserable time of year to be sick. You guys have had the worst luck last month. Here's to a healthier January and rest of the winter for your sweet family. We've missed you all at church. When you're all better, we should get together.