Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blog Worthy

Not a whole lot of "Blog Worthy" events happenin' in the McOmber home. We are just casually sliding through time, living in the moment. And life is good. 

Time is such a funny thing. I saw a quote the other day on Facebook and it said, referring to parenthood: "The days are long, but the years are short." I can't remember who said it. And even though my children are still so little, I totally feel that way! The days seem so long, especially with the sun setting at 4:30! But yet, it feels like I blink and months go by!  

Here's a little recap on all of us and what has been going down with your McOmbers: 

Shad: He's busy, busy, busy! And in serious need of vacation! I love him for it, but that man works so hard. He is looking forward to the Holiday Season and the brief reprieve it provides from work. Hopefully he can squeeze in a few days off to enjoy time with all of us, relax, and get away from the stress of work. He's also been working on small projects around the house. Like building the retaining wall in our backyard, it took weeks and weeks! All the kids absolutely LOVE when Daddy gets home from work, and Saturdays are just so awesome because that means "Daddy doesn't have to work today!" 

Me (Krista): Still not leaving the house much with all three kiddos, but it certainly is getting easier. If I seriously had a dime for every 'Wow, you sure have your hands full' every time I'm out with the kids, I would probably have $100! No joke. Three small children is a handful and by the end of the days I'm spent. But I love being at home with them, I know this time won't last long and I just try and remind myself of that daily. To enjoy each moment. I mean Owen is almost 4!? How is this happening!? I've also been working on some home projects, trying to decorate inside and finally get some stuff up on the walls! I love our new home, and everyday it feels more and more like ours. Also, I'm inching closer and closer to getting more into photography. I finally bought some editing software and am already in love. Now I just need some more test subjects...! 

One of my projects... finally got some family pics up on the wall! Yay!

Owen: He is my ever curious little boy. Always, always asking questions and 'Why?'. And even though it can sometimes drive me bananas I love his need and want to learn. He is so articulate and talks like a 5 year old. I'm always amazed at how smart he is. Right now he is really into numbers. He loves to count and is really into adding. He is turning into a little social bug, and loves to go over to peoples houses and is asking to have friends come over and play. Hopefully that will make the transition to primary and eventually pre-school a little easier! And oh man, does he have endless bounds of energy!! He's such a little boy and loves to jump, run, and be loud. He is always looking for a playmate and buddy to play with. If Nathan is napping he is constantly asking me to play with him. He loves puzzles and games. Unfortunately, he's pretty much given up naps. On some rare occasions I can get him to nap. (But its almost not even worth the effort!) And he is my early, early, riser... he will get up some days as early as 6AM! (Ugh!) And of course, he is still into trains and the love for Thomas is as strong as ever. 

Fort building is an almost daily occurrence around here! So is iPad time! This was while Nathan and Kaisa were napping. 

One rare moment when I got Owen to nap... I had to take a picture. I had all three kids asleep for at least an hour! 

Nathan: Oh Nathan, he is just my sweet, gentle, and lovable little boy. He is oh so sweet, and so considerate of others. He is still so easy-going and constantly pleasant. He goes down for naps like a champ, which is awesome and the complete opposite of Owen! Nathan loves to copy everything Owen does, says, plays with...etc. He adores his big brother. And although Owen may not always love it, they are pretty much the best of friends (And sometimes worst enemies!). Owen loves to teach Nathan how to talk, add, spell, play... you name it. And its great! Because Nathan has also become my articulate little talker (with the cutest little lisp!) and can express himself very well. Nathan has become a lot more independent these last few months. He likes to read books by himself, play iPad by himself, and eat by himself. He doesn't want any help... he just wants to be a big boy. And he is currently transiting over to a BIG BOY BED! What?! I am so not emotionally ready for this. But Kaisa is ready for the crib, and Nathan is so ready and wanting to sleep in a bed like Owen. He's still my best eater, and but slowly becoming more and more picky. 

Silly Nathan. He loves to wear sunglasses and hats and be a goof! He wore this hat for HOURS the 
other day. 

Kaisa: Our Kaisa-Girl is 6 months old. I know... how did 6 months go by?! It was just a year ago this week, that I found out I was pregnant and having a girl. It was such a crazy thought. But now, she feels like such a big part of our family. I cannot imagine not having her around. And we all just completely adore her! She is a Momma's girl for sure. But cannot resist smiling and laughing with Daddy. And Oh those brothers... they cannot get enough of Kaisa. They love her to pieces. Owen has already asked me to "Make another Baby Sister" (Yeah... sure... I'll get right on that!). She is growing so fast, and its just not fair how fast babyhood goes. She is getting into the best time of Baby-ness. I just love 6-9 month old babies... who doesn't?! They are smiley, immobile, social, cuddly, and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. She is in the sweet spot and I just want to stop time right now, and keep her this this small. She has started to sit up, and is getting better everyday. She has also started solids, and enjoys eating all things (fruits, veggies, rice cereal) so far. She enjoys her Jumparoo, probably more than either of the boys did. And is still just my angel baby. So good. She loves to laugh, smile and giggle. What a sweet pea she is. 

 Sweet Baby Girl! Learning to sit up!

And our big girl... eating by herself!

We have so much to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving. And are truly, truly blessed. I'm certainly not deserving of all the blessings that I've been blest with this year. And am completely overwhelmed with gratitude when I think of all that I have. We are excited to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow! And we are gearing up for the Holiday Season and can't wait to spend some time together as a family. 

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Rosalie said...

It is so fun to learn what you all have been up to! I like your picture arraignment! And you know already that I love, love to see pictures of these sweet children whom I love. I am so looking forward to the family reunion!!!