Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving and Such

We had a GREAT Thanksgiving weekend! It was just so great to spend lots of down time together and take a break. We didn't travel anywhere, or host a huge dinner party. It was very chill and relaxed. We just had fun being together as a family. Shad was able to have four days off and we took advantage of each day! Here is what our Thanksgiving weekend looked like in pictures... 

We started off the day before Thanksgiving, making our "Thankful Turkeys." Owen made FOUR! And I made two, while Nathan napped. Owen did a pretty good job thinking of things he was thankful for. Eventually though he just wanted to write things he could spell (like "fox"). But some of things he wrote were Trees, Grandma, Mommy, Daddy, Julia (Cousin), and Trains.

When Nathan woke up I took some pictures of them just playing and holding our Thankful Turkeys. 

These two boys are so hilarious!  

So proud!

Nathan is always willing to Ham it up for the Camera. 

Kaisa was not too far behind, just playing with her toys. She is SUCH a JOY to me. And an angel baby. 

Later that night, Grandpa and Grandma came over to help Shad build Nathan's brand NEW BIG BOY BED! Oh the excitement! Nathan was so excited to get a bed just like Owen's! He had been asking to sleep in Owen's bed for naps and such... so we knew it was time. He's been sleeping great in it; for both naps and night time. I cannot believe my Nathan is so growing so fast! 

Whenever Daddy has something to build, the boys are immediately ready with their tools to help! It's pretty cute! 

 Best Buds. 

He was so thrilled. The excitement still hasn't completely worn off either. We also FINALLY hung up the Boy's names we made on the wall above their beds. 

 I actually did not take any pictures on Thanksgiving Day! Can you believe that?! But it was wonderful. Shad went off to the annual 'Turkey Bowl' in the morning to play football. While I spent it making dessert and with the Kiddos in our jammies playing games. 'Dinner' was early this year at 2PM! We went over to our friends home this year, The Miles. They usually spend Christmas Dinner with us, and are good friends with my parents. They put on a wonderful spread with lots of yummy desserts we got to take home! 

Since dinner was so early, when we came home I was able to prepare a surprise for the Boys. I made a treasure/scavenger hunt that took them all around the house. Along the way they had to put on Jammies, pack an overnight bag, put on shoes and get in the car. The surprise lead them over to Grandma's house where the final surprise was waiting: Popcorn, the new Monster's University Movie, and a sleepover at Grandma's! The boys were thrilled... even if they only made it half way through the movie before losing interest! :) Still fun. 

Later that night I did an impromptu "Black Friday" shopping trip with my friend. I had no plans to go, but had the urge. We headed to Target at about 9:30... and it was GREAT! It was so chill. We found all the movies we were looking for and other misc. items. And then there was no line, so we walked right up to the register. It was perfect. Home by 10:45! 

On Friday morning we went with Shad's sister Heidi's family to go cut down on our own Christmas Tree!! Growing up I always had real trees, and Shad was very open and excited about the idea. We were sold when we found out they were going down to Pacific, about 5 minutes away from our house to get it! Perfect. 

The cousins. Its perfect, one girl per kid! Our kids LOVE their cousins, and I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. We love having them so close! 

Karissa was so great with Kaisa. She held her almost the entire time. She was even asked if Kaisa was her first baby! Haha... such a natural!

 Julia with Nathan. 

 The boys enjoyed the hunt for our perfect tree. Some were so big they could fit underneath! 

Such a ray of sunshine, this girl. Perfect in every way. 

 The Gaffney girls with their tree! Karissa, Victoria, and Julia. 

We found our tree! Its the one on the right of the picture. 

 Cutting down our tree!

More Cousin pictures. 

The Gaffney Family

 Our family. 

So we brought home our first real tree, for our first Christmas in our house! It was a little chaotic getting dinner, Christmas decorations up, and setting up the tree... so I didn't get many pictures of the kids decorating the tree. 

The tree and location. 

 Setting the star on top!

 The final product. 

Saturday was another chill day. Were were supposed to go see the new Hunger Games movie with our friends. But when we found out the final BYU game of the season was at the same time as the planned movie we decided to hold off till this weekend. So we headed over the my parents house to watch the game. The boys helped my parents decorate some more and were excited to have another tree to help put up! Halfway through the game my mom and I decided to go out shopping while the kids napped and Shad watched the game (We win!). We found some good deals... mostly for ourselves! :) Man, I better get crackin' on my shopping!

When we came home, my mom had more decorating to do with the boys and the boys eagerly helped set up a gingerbread house. They were so happy! 

Look at that concentration! 

I think the 'S' is for Santa...? But it turned out very cute and the boys loved it. 

Sunday after church and dinner. We had FHE and decided to do another fun craft with the kids. We made a paper chain to countdown to Christmas. Christmas is so fun! So many fun activities and things to do with the littles! I love this time of year! 

Our paper chain. 

So many things to be Thankful for. We are truly blessed with wonderful, healthy children. Loving, helpful, and amazing grandparents who live so close. A beautiful new home to celebrate in. And a Savior who gave us everything.  


keine.angst said...

Oh my goodness so cute!
Why do they have to grow up so fast ;(
I can see Liam in some of Nathen's faces, how fun!
I loved cutting down a tree there! That is just a block away from where we lived. Awe, I miss all you wonderful people! I can't wait to see you all and the new baby and the new house, etc. Less than a year now! :)
Hugs n Luvs!

Kambria said...

Aw I love this post! Holidays are so fun with kids. That scavenger hunt was such a good idea I bet they loved it. I am very impressed with the real tree. :)

Rosalie said...

Krista, thank you so much for sharing all that your family does so we who are far away can share in the joy of your family! The boys are so cute, the pictures of everyone are darling (of course it makes me miss everyone but next year is coming soon) the cute things you all do to make life fun, and that you have your parents to help you and enjoy the little ones. Happy Holidays!! Love you all!!!

Marilyn said...

Oh my goodness! How fun. Your tree is perfect and the gingerbread house are fab! I hope your Christmas is wonderful.