Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

Before Owen left on his Grandma trip to Michigan in September, we had a couple of fun family outings together. Over labor day weekend we fit in two major fun family things that we had been wanting to together for a long time.

The frist event was the Mt. Rainier scenic train ride. We bought tickets a few weeks in advance and my parents knew they wanted to experience this with the kids. Owen has such a cute love of trains; it's hard to resist fun outings like this.

The Mt. Rainier train is a huge black steam engine train, one of the few left in the U.S., and Washington State owns the most out of any other state. Perfect for us! The train takes a slow ride around the Snoqualmie area near Mt. Rainier. It goes extremely slow, and its very loud, plus you don't get any major majestic views of the mountain. But the boys thought it was great all the same. It stops at a train museum for a quick half hour, and then takes you back. Not very overwhelming, and probably not something we will do again any time soon. But I am glad we went. And its always fun to make family memories like this together.

Waiting for the train to arrive... 

On the train... This little girl LOVES her grandpa! 

Me with my cuties! 

Stopped at the Train Museum. Don't be fooled by Owen's face, he really did enjoy it. He is just really sensitive to loud noises. 

Nathan exploring the museum with Grandpa. 

Owen was eager to get back onboard... 

Our second outing over the long weekend was Remlinger Farms out in Carnation. Our good friends from law school had told us about it, and they loved going there. We all found a great deal on Groupon and decided to head over there together! Its the cutest little place, and a perfect little amusement park for the littlest of littles. 

I was terrible at taking pictures on this outing. I didn't even get any of our friends! Bad. But it basically had a bunch of fun rides, roller coasters, hay maze, pony rides, and play structures for the kids the play on. Owen is not a huge "Thrill Seeker," and didn't love the roller coster, but I was proud of him for going on it! But he did enjoy some of the slow more mellow rides. And, of course, the train ride. 

The boys loved this boat ride, they rode on it a few times. Just mellow enough for my Owen. ;) 

They also had real school buses and other tractors and trucks that the boys loved exploring and climbing on. 

 I think the boys also rode on this a couple of times. Owen liked it, but it was a little loud for him. Funny boy. 

 Kaisa was too little for most of the rides, but she was still a pleasant little girl the entire time. 

 It was a WARM day out. 

The main event was the train ride that circled the outside of the park. The boys loves it, and it was nice and cool on the train. 

These train loving cuties are so fun. They are already starting to outgrow their love for trains. So I am glad we went on these fun outings together, while it was still so magical for them! And now we have these sweet memories of our little boys and their trains. 

I love this little family of mine, and making memories together as a family! I am so ready for spring and summer again when we can get out of sick hibernation and go on more adventures! 

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