Friday, January 9, 2009

Better late than never!?

Well, I feel like it has been SO long since i've posted anything! And it feels weird! So although nothing new is going on, I thought I'd post some pictures of Christmas. I know it's a little late, but oh man, we have been just so busy lately. Well, i guess, I've been busy lately... Shad has been enjoying his nice LONG vacation from school. And it has been wonderful having him around, he's such a good hubby. I like non-law school Shad!! Work has been absolutely crazy for me, and the snow has been CRAZY here, making everything EXTRA difficult, plus the holidays just take some time getting over! :) So I feel like now we have officially re-cooperated from everything.  Phew! But we had a GREAT time over the holidays. We were able to go home to Seattle for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was a short trip, but it was wonderful. I hadn't spent a Christmas at home for three years! Way TOO long!  We did all our family traditions, we had our annual talent show on Christmas Eve, and later that night, on Christmas Eve, we opened all our presents, and Christmas Day we had TONS of people over and had a HUGE Christmas dinner with delicious food. It was perfect! Shad and I were spoiled, we got tons of fun presents, and, like always, my parents are just too good for us! We were so blessed to be able to get over to Seattle to spend time with friends and family, with the weather being so crazy, we just lucked out. Plus we are just so grateful for family and each other, even though we don't have a lot... it sure feels like we certainly have everything we need and then some! So here are some pictures of our wonderful Holiday! 

The traditional family pictures: 

I got to see my BFF (for life!!) Kambria! I just miss this girl so much! 
This is my family performing a nice Holiday poem for everyone before our Christmas dinner. 

Here are the Christmas guests, and festivities! 

This year our annual talent show consisted of  doing an "art project" so Shad and I decided to draw some of our favorite covers. Shad drew the cover of the video game Lego Indiana Jones, and I drew the cover of 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'! That's right, we did NOT trace these! Who knew we had secret hidden drawing talent! 

Here are all the art projects displayed... we are just a talented bunch!


Kirsten said...

cute stuff!! i miss your family

Brad and Kjirstin said...

Don't worry about the late christmas blog, we got home and I realized that we hadn't even taken pictures on christmas eve or christmas day or even by a chirstmas tree. When you said family talen show I thought that you were going to be singing to each other, I remember you guys busting out with sing star! Though your art is pretty much better than anything both Brad and I could do in a million years.

Anonymous said...

That's right BFF FOR LIFE haha... oh man do you realize it has been like 3 years since I said that? I love that it never died haha

the S family said...

Y'all are just too cute and fun! I want to go there for Christmas next year, it looked like a blast!!! I was so sad that everyone couldn't make it to the wedding, but I really was glad you got to see Shad. I know he is gone a lot for law school, so I am glad you got to spend some time with him! So guess what, I already told Shad this, but it is pretty much official that Chad is joining the Air Force. I know it is going to be hard, but we prayed about it, and it really felt like it was what we needed to do. Plus no one is hiring right now for A&P's with no experience. Anyway, we will be able to travel cheap and stuff! We still plan on coming for a visit this year, probably this summer since Heather is getting married this spring and Chad will probably be in basic! Love you!

Kwint and Gina Kemp Family said...

I am so excited that you found my blog!! I was thinking about you this very morning! You guys are so CUTE. I love blogs- it feels so good to connect again! You are having some adventures, it looks like. I loved the phase of life you guys are in. (I love the mom phase too, but everything in it's own time, right?) Have fun and enjoy it!!