Monday, February 9, 2009

Kambria Visits...Feeding Ducks...and my new D60!

So I have finally taken some pictures with my D60, nothing special just messing around. I am still trying to get used to it... and have so much more to learn. But my dear friend Kambria came to Spokane this weekend to visit our friend Rachel at WSU in Pullman. So I was lucky enough to get and spend some time with her this weekend! Yay! We went out to eat on Friday night together, which is a rarity these days for Shad and I, so that was a nice to go out. On Sunday it was FINALLY a nice day here in Spokane, and most of that awful snow has melted, so we decided to go downtown and visit the park there. And at the park there are TONS of ducks... and I came prepared and brought bread. Little did I know that they are wise to this plan and are NOT shy and they totally attacked and surrounded us. It was crazy! But made for a fun Sunday afternoon visit to the park. 

Crazy hungry ducks... they attacked before we even had the food out!

This guy was the one to look out for... he was scary, and yes, he was literally that close!

Pretty Spokane River Falls

The Spokane Railroad Tower... some Historic monument

Pretty Kambria... she is a good photo subject... and the lighting was nice! 


Brad and Kjirstin said...

Those ducks have to be related to the ones on BYU campus, they always attacked me even when I had no food. Love the pics on the new camera!! Still tyring to get Brad to find out when he has time off for our annual trip, he just finished tests so maybe he will have time to figure that out.

Kirsten said...

i love duckies :)

Kirsten said...

I know!! my cell is jacked...i'm probably goin to switch services, but keep my same number. til then, you can call me at home (702) 254-2479 oh and I got a job working as a secretary at an insurance agency AND me and sean got a condo!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Doug and Marilyn said...

How fun! What a great idea. Ducks can be scary! haha, looks like you made some friends though. We are always waiting for Spring/nice weather to go look at the falls. It looks like it was a nice day there. I love the pictures with your new camera too! I'm sure you're having a blast with it. I just finished the puzzle you lent us! Thanks.