Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Funny Story -- Like Seinfeld Funny

Here is a funny thing that happened to me today that I can't resist telling.

Earlier today, I had to go to the Spokane County Jail to exchange paperwork with a client. Normally, when I go there, there are very few visitors, if any, but today, it was hoppin' with "interesting" people. As I was waiting in the lobby, I noticed a very nice old lady sitting near where I was standing. She almost looked like she didn't quite belong there. Immediately after I noticed this old lady, a girl about my age (or a little younger) came around the corner after having visited an inmate herself. When she noticed the old lady, she said "Grandma, how are you?" and walked over and gave her a hug. I thought to myself that they must be there to visit the same person (being family and all). If not, I would have expected the girl to ask her grandma something like "What are you doing here?" Instead, the girl asked, "Grandma, who are you here to see?" I had to refrain from chuckling to myself, and I thought, "how many family members or friends could they have in here?" Then Grandma explained to her that she was there to see someone named Jamie, who she was hoping to bail out or something (I assume it was her son or grandson or someone like that). The girl responded (not surprised at all that someone else she knew was also in jail), "Oh, how is Jamie?. . . Tell him I said hi." I was bursting inside with laughter.

When I got back to the office, I had to tell someone, so when I told this to my boss' secretary, she laughed and responded, "Well, keep it in the family I guess." I say, she got it just about right.


heisskalt said...

That is so dang funny! Interesting job you have to have to visit a jail! And that is crazy - it is as if it doesn't surprise them at all!?

Kirsten said...

HA HA!!! I love it :) My dad is doing a lot of crimminal cases recently and he always has great stories like that :) hope you're enjoying your job!!