Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break and Kambria Visits!

Our little Owen:

So I am a bad blogger these days with the wee babe around now, I find it hard to get a minute to sit down at the computer. I have new respect for moms who keep up a blog! :)

This last month has been great! Shad had spring break earlier this month and we headed over to Auburn for 10 blissful days. It was wonderful, because Shad was totally able to check out of school and work and just hang out and be a dad. The month after Owen was born, Shad schooling couldn't get any busier, he was hardly home!! It was nuts, so a nice break from Spokane, work, and school was the perfect getaway for Shad and I to "play house" and just be parents together. Of course Owen was spoiled rotten by my parents, as were we. I got to go out with one of my girlfriends from high school one night, we had a fun girls night just catching up. And my parents gave us a date night out, where Shad and I went out to eat at Famous Daves, delicious! And of course we went to my home ward to show of our adorable baby boy!

Owen bonding with Grandpa, while mom and dad are out!!
Also another advantage of heading over to Auburn is we get to hang out with Shad's oldest sister, Heidi and her family. We had dinner with them at their house one night, and then had them over again on Sunday before we left. The girls just adored Owen and it was fun to show him off to family.

Our cute nieces with Owen:
Just too cute:
Heidi with her girls and us:
Then this past weekend my best friend, Kambria, flew in from New York to meet Owen! She was here for about 4 days... and oh man it FLEW by! We had a fun/quiet weekend where she just bonded with Owen. Our friend Rachel also came from Pullman to visit with her and see Owen as well. Shad took over babysitting duty on Saturday night and us three girls had a fun girls dinner out together! Also, while she was here she helped me run errands, played with Owen while I showered, and took me out shopping! We also had a night-in together where we made some delicious homemade pizza and played some sweet Wii! (Where Shad actually bowled 11 strikes IN A ROW in 100 pin bowling!!!! Yeah, he kicked our trash!) Before taking her to the airport, we took her over to Gonzaga campus, where Shad gave us the tour of the law school. Kambria also spoiled Owen with some fun presents and toys... and is an official adopted aunt to him. :) He loves her! Overall, a fun weekend together that went by WAY too fast. But I'm grateful to have such a good friend who loves Owen (and me!) so much to fly all the way out to Spokane to visit. LOVE HER!

Bonding time with his "adopted" auntie:

Kam and I at Gonzaga Law School, with downtown Spokane behind us:
Owen is one special boy. He is so loved by so many people, and is constantly showered with gifts. I am so grateful to so many friends and family that are so willing to give and help out. We are SO blessed!


Brad and Kjirstin said...

What fun that you got a break with Shad, and a break for you too with all those people to take care of Owen. The weather looks beautiful too. You may not be keeping up with the posts, but at least you give some good pics when you do.

Kwint and Gina Kemp Family said...

He is so, so, so cute! That little face is a heart-strings-tugger. What is Kambria doing in New York? ... I love the East Coast, I am a little jealous.

Rachel said...

Doesn't time go crazy fast with kids?
Owen is a cutie pie!

Doug and Marilyn said...

What great pictures of your family and friends. Little Owen is the cutest darn guy around. Allie is crushing on him today. She's been saying Owen all day...I love it!

Kirsten said...

Owen gets cuter every day! I can't wait til I can come out and see him :) And it will be even more fun when our babies are old enough to play together! whoo hoo!! Some GREAT pics :) Glad you got a little bit of time to blog, i love seeing all your pics :) p.s. your hair is so long!! way to go!

Anonymous said...

Yay I love it! He is stinkin' cute. I seriously miss him :( And you of course.

Tell Shad I want a rematch at bowling and anytime he wants his trash kicked in sword fighting I'm there hehe

Love you guys

Chelsea said...

First off, you look great! Second, in the picture with you, Kambria, and Owen you and Kambria look like you could be sisters - really! I'm glad you're loving life with Owen so much! He sure is darling!

Anonymous said...

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