Monday, April 19, 2010

Owen's Blessing Day

Last Sunday, we had the wonderful opportunity to bless our son, Owen. I was so amazed and grateful for so many friends and family that came together to support us, and who love Owen so much! He is one spoiled little guy! He, of course, is just our everything and makes every day so much brighter. I cannot believe how fast he is growing and how much he is learning everyday! It's surely a big adventure being a mother to this little guy! We love him so much.
As you see in the previous post, Shad's two sisters came to play with us the previous week before the blessing. Then on the weekend of EVERYONE came to celebrate and come together. It was so fun to host everyone here, and a little crazy. My parents drove over from Auburn, as well as Shad's oldest sister and her family who live there. Then Shad's mom, two youngest sisters, sister-in-law with her two boys all drove in from utah; Shad's aunt from Idaho, and another aunt from Montana also came for the big event!! So... lots of family from the McOmber side! On Saturday Shad and I rented out the clubhouse here at our apartment complex, because trying to fit everyone in our apartment, was certainly NOT an option! We had a great BBQ, played some pool, watched some movies, and played some games all day together on Saturday. It was a fun day to just be together as a family. Sunday was the big day, where not only did we have lots of family joins us, but a few friends from Shad's school came as well to join in the blessing.
Overall, it was a success and a fun way to showcase our handsome boy. It was the first time Shad's family had seen Owen, so we certainly had fun showing him off. :) As always, it went by too fast... hopefully we can squeeze in a summer road trip to Utah this year! Here are some pictures from the day, you know me... always going picture crazy! But with a son as cute as mine, can you blame me!?!? :)

Grandma Rosalie with Owen:

Proud Grandparents:

Shad's sister Jessica, with husband Chad and baby Caydence:

All the family that was there:

The law school bunch:

Family Photo:

Owen in his handsome white suit!


Kirsten said...

looks like you guys had fun seeing LOTS of people! he looks so cute and tiny in his little outfit :)

Courtney said...

It's fun to see pictures. I'm glad you all had such a great time. Owen looks so cute! I love the green on his socks!

heisskalt said...

He looks so handsome in white! Glad it was a good day! Miss you all!!!

Annette Larsen said...

Aww! I love his little suit. I need to find an outfit for Eli. We're blessing him on the 2nd. Owen is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Aw I love the little white outfit and you did a very good job making it a cute one ;) You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love your hair. And please tell your mom I love her outfit for the blessing. Very cute spring/summer flower dress...

Nathan and Whitney said...

Oh wow! That is so wonderful to have everyone come. I love his blessing outfit, so cute!

Rachel said...

What a stud! He looks so handsome.
You're looking pretty good yourself! Skinny mama!