Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rise and Shout!

Well, its that time again folks.... college football season!! Fall... my favorite time of year! The BYU game opener was on Saturday against UW and boy was it a good game. With this being a rebuilding year for BYU we were all a little nervous, but the Cougs did not disapoint. It was a nail biter, but we ended up on top!!! Whoo hoo! But win or lose, Shad, Owen and I were all game-day ready in our BYU blue gear. It was a great Labor Day weekend, and a GREAT way to start the season!
We, of course, got about a thousand pictures:

Owen was very excited about his first BYU game!

Like father, Like son:

My BYU boys:

Mom and Owen:

We took lots of family photos to find one blog worthy (as you can also see above)

Even my parents showed their true blue spirit (my dad later changed into a BYU shirt!)

Some BLUE game day food, they didn't turn out as pretty and blus as I wanted, but still tasted pretty good.

Owen was just too cute in his outfit, seriously, look at that little guy!

Go Cougs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tara said...

Love it!! Darling pictures and yes, Owen was just too cute in his little jersey. Thanks for sharing your game-day treat with us--so fun!

Marilyn said...

I love it! You are so cute! Owen wears the Blue well!

Annette Larsen said...

Hey, Owen even looks happy on his tummy. You all look fabulous is BLUE.

Anonymous said...

YAY I love that jersey. I think it's his favorite because I got it for him haha. Love it, GO COUGS!

Shauna said...

So cute! I love Owen's jersey!! They don't make BYU stuff in Corbyn's size, so I'm going to have to make him something before the next game.

Nik McOmber said...

Great pictures and fun! Thank you Krista for sharing your happiness and joy with us. please keep it up, it inspires me!

Brad and Kjirstin said...

I love the BYU family pic!!! Can I tell you how excited Brad has been for the season to start, he is almost talking as many stats as Shad. This will be a good season I am feeling after that game, but the two quarterbacks will still give us heartburn until I can fully trust again.

Kirsten said...

glad you're rasing him right ;) ha ha p.s. those cupcakes look AMAZING!!

Courtney said...

Too, too much! You guys are so cute and so FUN! Even though we (brace yourself) don't watch football, we thought of you guys and were excited. :)

Rosalie said...

It was an awesome game! I wore my Blues as well, Too bad I could not have been with you to watch! :{ Owen's pictures are great! What a cute little guy!