Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Again with the Snow!!

No this image is not from the bad storm of 2008, this was just last week here in Spokane. Once again Spokane, WA is breaking snow records. November 2010 is now the snowiest November in recorded history (since 1800s!) in Spokane. Total snow fall so far in the last week and a half: 26 inches. Urgh. The deja vu of two years ago is screaming back to us, and Spokane is yet again in another "state of emergency." You'd think they would have learned their lesson, but nope, still not enough snow plows, so we are on our own here as far as roads go! Shad and I have asked ourselves 'why oh why!?' are we lucky enough to experience two out of three record breaking winters here in Spokane?! For two people who do not particularly enjoy the snow, who don't snow board, ski, or otherwise like the snow activities, it seems ironic. Spokane is quickly making our list of places not to live! Maybe Owen and I will venture out and take some pics of this snowy winter. And just maybe I'll introduce Owen to the snow, but for now, Owen and I are enjoying the warm apartment, snuggle time, movies, hot chocolate, soup, and the all around quality time together INSIDE.

Lucky for us, my parents again spoiled us with plane tickets to Seattle for Thanksgiving, so we got to spend Thanksgiving with them and other friends, plus a brief break from the snow. (Even though Seattle also had a bad snow storm in there as well!)

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Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! Is Shad at least getting some days off of work and school? I still remember the snow day we had all together two years ago over at our apartment. Fun memories!

Rosalie said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow...and who would think it would strike twice in three years! :} I am glad you are all safe inside for the most part! Travel safe and take extra care! I love you all and miss you!!!

Anonymous said...

That sucks chica I'm sorry. I hate the snow too. Utah greeted me with 2 blizzards while I was there.