Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 'Owen' Book

Have you ever read the 'Owen' book??

Well... it is one of Owen's favorite books! He loves it. He actually cries when I take the book away.

In this cute little story, little Owen, who is a mouse, has a fuzzy yellow blanket. Owen LOVES this little blanket with all his heart. This yellow blanket is his best friend and goes everywhere with him.

Our Owen has a frog:

The frog is his BEST buddy: (I LOVE this picture, they are holding hands! So cute!)

He loves to snuggle it:

Hug, pat and squeeze it (notice the tight grip!):

Even with such a grumpy, serious face, the frog is still in hand:

They are best friends!!

And remember Herman? (His story can be read here, it really is quite funny) Well, just as suspected, Herman is a BIG hit with Owen. He loves this giraffe!! Anytime he sees it in the room he just has to play, hold, hug, and laugh with him. And when mommy says play time with Herman is over, oh man, Owen is NOT a happy camper! Thanks again grandpa, Owen LOVES his life-size giraffe!

Big smiles!

Just wait until Christmas... I see our little man being quite spoiled here soon! Many more friends to play with!


Shauna said...

So cute! I love the frog. Our little guy will like frogs or else! :)

Marilyn said...

I love the Owen book too. That is too cute. So glad he loves Herman...who wouldn't!? He is so big!

Joel & Megan said...

Oh my goodness Owen is so cute with his froggy. Alice has a favorite blanket named Blankie-boo. I actually had to get a double of the blanket so that i could wash at least one of them sometime :).

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA his little glare is so cute I just die laughing.

Rosalie said...

These pictures are just toooooo precious for words! I love his facial expressions and the little "Owen" book and him playing with the frog and Herman! Thank you so much for helping us watch him grow since you are so far away!