Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Last week was Shad's last Spring Break... ever! We were going to try and do something more exciting like go to Disneyland or something. But since funds are so low, we were responsible and just traveled over the west side. Shad had set up some lunches with some local lawyers over there, and wanted to get a jump on getting some resume's out. And I helped plan and put together my best friend's (Kambria) bridal shower. Sadly, Owen was sick most of our trip over there with some sort of stomach bug. So it put a little damper on the trip and travel. Especially when we tried to drive back Sunday, and half an hour into the trip Owen had 2 blowouts, and a big-boy vomit. So we turned around and came back Monday morning instead. Luckily he seems to be over it now. Thank goodness!

However, the shower was a raving success!! I had so much fun planning with Kambria, her mom, and other bridesmaids for the event. It came together so nicely. And got me even MORE excited for her upcoming wedding!

Some pics from the shower:

The Bride and her momma!

We had lots of fun with the decorations! It was SO Kambria!

And then there was the food... Mmmmm.

I did some games too... so fun!
Me with the lovely bride!

And just because... Yesterday I told Owen to say 'cheese' and he did!! It was so funny. It's one of the few words he can actually say! Love him!

In some other news, it looks like Shad and I will be moving out of Spokane. We got out of our lease early, due some differences we had with the office and disagreements. And we didn't want to stay until the end of May and pay for a whole month more of rent when we could leave as early as April. Shad will stay with some friends the first week of May and stick around to finish up some finals, and then we'll drive back over for graduation. So it looks like for the summer we will be moving over to Auburn with my family, while Shad takes the bar and looks for jobs. Mainly to save on rent and other expenses, and because we've always known that is where we want to live (Seattle/Tacoma area). So here's to keeping our fingers crossed that he finds a job!! I am more sad about this than I thought I would be about leaving. Mainly because we have made such wonderful friends here in Spokane, and they will be greatly missed. And we have LOVED our ward so much.

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