Monday, May 23, 2011

My Hubby, the LAW Grad

Shad Graduated Law School last Saturday, May 14th! We are all so proud of him and this HUGE accomplishment. He poured everything into law school and it totally paid off. He graduated with honors and he received a lot of recognition for his work on the law review and the website he put together for them (Check it out! seen here). During law school he made the deans list twice, callied (received the TOP grade in his class) twice, made law review business editor, was in the J. Rueben Clark Law Society presidency, held a two year paid internship, and maintained three year scholarship. Seriously awesome!

My parents, Shad's Mom, and Shad's sister Heidi, her husband, and one of thier daughters, Karissa all came to support Shad for his graduation. It was a fun day! The graduation was early in the morning. So afterward we were able to have a fancy lunch together, and then walk around downtown Spokane. CONGRATS Shad!!!!!!!!!

My parents with Shad and I
Shad's Mom
Left to Right: Karissa, Stephen, Heidi(Shad's sister), Shad, Krista, Owen, Rosalie
Shad with two of his good buddies, Brooks and Forrest, we made some GREAT friends in law school

Shad walking out of graduation with his DIPLOMA!

Shad and Heidi walking around the downtown falls after lunch

Owen with Grandma and Grandpa, such the gentleman!

He will take the BAR exam at the end of July. His bar prep class starts June 1st, so he has a SHORT break before he hits the books again! Then hopefully... a job! (Keep your fingers crossed for us... and toes!)


F said...

congrats shad! and can we just get a close up of that cute little owen's big fat grin?!?? he's SO ADORABLE! and my fingers and toes are all crossed for a job (CLOSE TO ME!!) :)

Rosalie said...

Awesome! I am so glad I could come be a part of Shad's big day! Love and miss all of you!

Courtney said...

Hooray, hooray!!!!!!!!!! You guys are on to some new, exciting, things, I'm sure!

Brad said...

Yeah!!! We have all our fingers crossed over here, I will even cross Charly's fingers (but her toes are too short to cross). You guys look so smart and grown up, even Owen in such a cute outfit. Love it!!

Kirsten said...

Congrats Shad!!!!! Such a great accomplishment!! Whoo hoo!!!!!

Tara said...

Definitely a huge accomplishment! Congrats!