Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Time (before Bar Prep/Exam!)

Shad's Bar Prep class started yesterday. **SIGH** He had a SUPER SHORT two week break before he hit the books again. We tried to fit in a lot of family time together before he had to go back to studying. Most days consisted of being lazy around the house, just being together, and we played a lot of wii!! :) haha! Shad's sister Wendy was supposed to fly in for four days and that was a part of our "fun" plans, but sadly with the mix of bad weather and oversold flights, they didn't make it past Dallas. DANG. We were all really bummed. But we did get to spend a fair amount of time with Shad's other sister, Heidi, and her family. Yay! Its so fun to live so close by now!! I love it! Here is what we did most of those two weeks, like I said it was a lot of lazy time:

This is at Heidi's house... I just wanted to illustrate why Owen would like going there. They have a dog, Happy, who Owen LOVES! And Owen has three older girl cousins who just LOVE Owen to death! So he gets a lot of attention over there! Lucky boy!

Like I said... he LOVES Happy. He follows her around and tries to give her hugs and kisses!

We also had a "Craft Day" where I busted out the play dough, crayons, and markers! It was so funny to watch Owen try to figure everything out. I have been waiting to do crafts with Owen ever since he was born... isn't this what being a mom is all about!?! I LOVE it! :)

Look at that masterpiece! (Its hanging proudly on the fridge!)

Although... He's still figuring things out!

First time with Playdough...

Look at that concentration!

Finally got some smiles out of him!

Shad and I also had a date night, where we went and watched...

...The Mariners win!!!!

We went outside... a lot. Even though there weren't very many sunny/warm days, that doesn't seem to stop Owen from running to the door everyday in hopes to go out and play! He LOVES outside. The other day when we took him out he repeated "Outside...Outside...Outside" over and over!

He even experienced his first skinned knee. :(
But later that same day he was still begging to out and play! But I decided to give him more protection this time... with the baby leg warmers!

We also went to the zoo on Memorial Day, Shad's last day of "freedom"... and I was going to post zoo pics in this post as well. But its going to take me awhile to sort through all the zoo pictures. And this post already has a lot of photos. So coming soon... zoo pictures and Owen's first zoo trip!! We had a blast!


Rosalie said...

You guys did have a lot of fun! It makes me miss all of you soooooo much! I am glad you have had fun together. I am glad Owen loves outside, drawing and play dough! Thanks so much for sharing pictures! I love you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous I miss Mariners games so much! Looks like so much fun. I'm glad you guys got a lot of fun in before the studying. It's the home stretch!!! He's almost done :)